Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco

Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco

I'm back with another hair care review today... I seem to be inundated with hair products lately, but I'm certainly not complaining. After chatting to the brand Natural World at the last #BloggersFestival event, the team we're kind enough to let me choose the perfect range for my hair needs and send it over to me to try out. I took their online haircare quiz and I was matched with the Argan Oil of Morocco* range, which sounds perfect for my hair at the moment. I've actually tried the brand in the past with their Chia Seed range and although the products felt lovely overall, they didn't really do much for my hair needs. So it's safe to say that I was eager to give the brand another try and use a range that my hair could benefit from.

Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco

My hair at the moment lacks moisture and can look lacklustre if I don't take extra care of it, of course I can only blame myself for bleaching it a couple of times this past year (I get bored easily). So when I was matched to the Argan Oil of Morocco range I was quite excited, as I've heard how amazing Argan oil is meant to be for hair especially. This range promises to nourish and moisturise hair, making it feel super soft, smooth & shiny again. The range is infused with the finest certified organic Argan oil, which is grown in its native Morocco and has been used for centuries by Berber women to achieve beautifully soft and smooth hair. The best part about Argan oil is that it contains a ton of anti-oxidants, as well as being rich in Vitamin E

Another great thing about the range and the brand in general is that their products are free from parabens, gluten, phosphates, phthalates and dyes. They focus on using 95% of natural ingredients, so even the most damaged or coloured treated hair type can benefit from using their products. Oh and did I also mention just how affordable the brand is... with prices as low as £6 for the litre bottles of shampoo or conditioner (I'm not joking, I actually spotted them in Tesco). So how did I personally get on with the range and has it made a difference to my hair in the past couple of weeks? I'll be completely honest, I didn't notice a difference straight away after the first wash... but within a couple of washes, my hair started to see a slight improvement. It just feels softer and looks better overall. 

Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco

The shampoo and conditioner duo are fantastic to have in this 500ml sizes because it means I won't have to worry about running out anytime soon. The scent is slightly sweet but in a very natural way, not overpowering and quite a pleasure to use in the shower.  This scent most likely comes from the uplifting blend of five essential oils - Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange and Ylang Ylang. The shampoo feels creamy in texture, yet it stills lathers up well enough to leave my hair feeling clean. The conditioner is not as rich in texture as I would personally prefer it to be, but I can still work with it and detangle my hair with easy. 

Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco

The mask is something that I've only used three times so far. Hopefully now that the weather is colder I will have time for pamper nights more often and get more use out of it, because it really is a lovely product. It's advised to be applied generously to damp hair and then left on for up to 5 minutes. However I usually go for the other option recommended for extremely damaged hair... which is to apply, cover with a towel and leave on for about half an hour before rinsing off. With this mask the result are more immediate and once my hair is styled, I do notice straight away just how smooth & soft it feels. 

Lastly I've got the treatment oil, which is probably my favourite from the whole range and the star of the show. You can use this oil in a couple of ways... mixed in with your conditioner for extra moisture, after styling or blow drying your hair to tame frizz and my favourite way, applied through towel dried hair concentrating on the ends for added shine. I like that it has a thin texture and feels lightweight, so it never leaves my hair looking greasy or feeling weighed down. It's quickly becoming a staple in my haircare routine as it only takes a couple of seconds to apply yet makes a lasting different. 

Overall I'm really enjoying having a new hair care range to take care of my slightly dry and damaged hair. They are doing a great job considering the price and do become more effective with regular use. If you like luxurious ranges or you're prone to spending a good bit on your hair products, then you may not be as impressed with the range. But I like to keep my hair care products on the affordable side of things, so for me personally the range is definitely helping my hair needs. Have you heard of Natural World before or tried any of their hair care products?

*PR samples

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