Cosy January Wishlist

Cosy January Wishlist

Happy new year everyone! Hope you've all had a lovely break over the festive season... ready to face 2016 on a positive mind :). I enjoyed my break & my holiday back in rainy Dublin so much, it was great spending time with my family. I didn't even think about blogging much, hence why I'm so late finally getting a post up and super unorganised as I'm sitting here at 11pm (night before) writing it out. It was all worth it though as a break was much needed and I am ready to start the year on a positive note. 2015 hasn't been the easiest year for me at times and I faced a lot of struggles/challenges but I'm focused on putting it all behind me for the new year and starting over fresh (here's hoping it's a great one). To start off my blogging mojo I thought I would kick things off with a simple wish list kind of post, basically describing my perfect January outfit (especially at this moment in time when winter has all of a sudden decided to make an appearance)

First up let's talk about jeans, they are my most worn piece of clothing in recent months (apart from gym gear). I just love how you can dress them up or down, yet they still feel comfortable. Some of my favourite jeans have got to be from Next, because they last really well and I can find them in my favourite high waisted option. I actually already own a pair of the Lift, Slim and Shape Skinny Jeans, which I wore to death, but since going to the gym and loosing some weight I could do with a new pair in a smaller size.

Next up another pair of boots, what can I say I'm obsessed and have pretty much lived in boots all autumn/winter long. This gorgeous pair are from Wrangler which are currently on sale in Brantano* for £63. A pair of shoes like these could last you for years, so well worth the investment in the long run. I love the decorative buckle design and the suede leg material, something I could see myself wearing in an instant.

My full focus is now on the cutest jumper in the world and of course I am talking about this H&M Sequined Penguins Jumper which is a bargain for £14.99. Am I the only one who thinks penguins are just the cutest animals, everything about them just makes me so emotional from pure happiness (please say I'm not the only one thinking this haha). The only reason this is still on my wishlist and not in my wardrobe is because I just haven't been able to spot it in store yet.

Next up a gorgeous Black Fringe Trim Mini Backpack, because I really want to be able to pull off something like this. I have wanted to get my hands on a backpack style of handbag for a while now, but just not sure I'm 'cool' enough for it haha. However this little number doubles up as a regular strap so it jumped out at me immediately. Plus I love the mini size and the fringe detailing.

If you've read my blog for a while now you'll know that I have been obsessed with Olivia Burton watches and have listed one on every wishlist I've created so far (apart from this one of course as I spotted a similar cheaper version in New Look). This Brown Strap Floral Dial Watch is not identical or an exact dupe, but it's the same kind of style and it only costs £12.99 so I am definitely tempted to pick it up.

Last item to finish off my cosy winter outfit has to be a scarf and this Bengal Mosaic Blanket Scarf looks perfect. You can't beat an oversized scarf, made of soft cotton and with a gorgeous pattern too. This is currently on sale in Accessorize for £17 and I am definitely tempted.

So that's it from me and another wishlist (new year, new me still creating wish lists haha). I actually already own various outfits similar to this, now that I've gone though the items individually and it's what I will most likely be sporting until the weather warms up sometime in the next couple of months. What's your perfect winter outfit?

*Post in collaboration with Brantano

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