A Skincare Treat With Premier Laser & Skin Clinic

A Skincare Treat With Premier Laser & Skin Clinic

Starting the year off by treating yourself to a facial is possibly one of the best pampering treatments you can get in my opinion anyway... so when I was contacted to see if I wanted to attend one of my local Premier Laser & Skin Clinics for a skincare treat, I was over the moon. The fact that I even managed to squeeze some me time away from mommy duties, thanks to my other half was another lovely treat (I love my daughter more than you can imagine but it's always nice being able to step away from regular day to day life sometimes and enjoy a bit of pampering). I opted for the Premier Laser & Skin Clinic in Fulham and I was overwhelmed with the choice of skincare treatments available. In the end I decided it was best to opt for a skin consultation first before finalising on the best treatment for my skin. So let me share with you my personal experience with the treatment I received and the clinic itself...

A Skincare Treat With Premier Laser & Skin Clinic

As I arrived at the clinic, which by the way looks spotless throughout and is simplistically decorated... I was met by a friendly receptionist who asked me to fill out some client record forms & informed me that my therapist will be with me shortly.  This gave me enough time to have a browse at all the brands available there because I'm nosy like that, along with taking some photographs too.  My therapist then brought me into the treatment room downstairs and we had a little chat about my skin, including the products I am using and my personal routine. Within a few minutes she was able to spot that I was using a few too many products in my day to day routine and advised I should try stick to a simpler skincare plan. I really appreciated her advice and I've actually been trying to cut back a bit of the amount of products I use for a while now, but as a blogger that can be easier said than done sometimes. Once I explained my concerns about my dehydrated skin and focused on the fact that it was looking quite dull & lifeless... she suggested I opt for the Vitamin C Peel*, which seemed like the best choice.

A Skincare Treat With Premier Laser & Skin Clinic

Since this is a clinic and not a spa, you will not have facial/body treatments to relax you and offer you some sort of a retreat. The clinic is focused on achieving visible results and is very much based on the more medical side of things. Since it was my first time having a skincare treatment in a clinic like this I decided to stay away from the laser or the needles, which is why the more gentle Vitamin C Peel treatment was something that appealed to me immediately. Basically the Vitamin C Peel is the perfect treatment to revitalise dry, tired and lacklustre skin... check on all those points for how my skin was feeling at that very moment. The peel claims that the benefits will be immediate, since the skin will appear brighter, fresher & tighter with a more even skin tone overall, and I can tell you that the claims are definitely true. The treatment included a deep exfoliation, along with re-hydrating the skin through Vitamin C, A and Hyaluronic Acid. Even though it wasn't your typical kind of relaxing facial, it didn't feel uncomfortable at any point and the scent throughout the whole process was good enough to eat (very zesty, citrusy & fresh). Overall the skincare treatment lasted just over half an hour and it was actually quite enjoyable, definitely something I would consider going back to have on a more regular basis.

A Skincare Treat With Premier Laser & Skin Clinic
Photo taken immediately after the Vitamin C Peel, no makeup (apart from some mascara and a tint to my lips from the dark lippie I was wearing prior to the treatment)

My skin immediately felt so refreshed and it just had that healthy glow to it. I was quite surprised to see such amazing results after just one treatment. From what I have researched online the results should last on the skin between 6 - 8 weeks, which I can't verify since I only had my treatment last week, but I can tell you that a week later my skin still feels & looks fantastic. I'd like to quickly thank the team at Premier Laser & Skin Clinic for such a lovely, welcoming visit to their salon in Fulham.

I'd love to hear if you've treated yourself to a facial so far this year and your thoughts overall on these kind of skincare treatments...

*In collaboration with Premier Laser & Skin Clinic

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