Christmas Scents from The Library of Fragrance

Christmas Scents from The Library of Fragrance, Gingerbread, Fireplace

This is not the first time I've featured The Library of Fragrance on my blog (you can check the my previous post here if you'd like) as I think they are a fantastic brand, plus I love the concept of having simple one note scents that you can mix & match to create your very own bespoke fragrance. The choice of scents available is incredible with so many unique options to choose from and this time I've stepped out of my sweet/fruity comfort zone as I've opted for two Christmas/winter related scents. The Gingerbread* & Fireplace* scents work really well together, as they compliment each other perfectly. Let me tell you a little bit more about this duo...

Christmas Scents from The Library of Fragrance, Gingerbread, Fireplace

Now when I chose the two scents I picked them out with the idea of using them together as a home fragrances, so for this purpose they work perfectly. The combined fragrance wouldn't be something I would personally wear on my body, but I'm sure if you like these kind of sweet, spicy yet musky scents you could of course wear it as a perfume. This time of the year I love adding a different home scent around my home and this is perfect. I'll light up some candles, spritz this duo around the flat... then I am ready to enjoy an evening snuggling up on the couch, surrounded by a comforting winter scent & a lovely atmosphere overall. 

Let's start off with the Gingerbread scent, which is identical to what I would I imagine gingerbread to be like. I'm actually not a fan of gingerbread as a food item, I never eat the gingerbread men, houses, etc. but oddly enough I do love the scent. This is sweet and spicy at the same time which I love. It has rich tones with vanilla and ginger as the main notes. It's definitely a very warm and sensual kind of scent.

The Fireplace scent is a little bit different from what I would usually opt for, it's definitely one of the more  unique scents available. There's nothing more comforting than having a fireplace lit up during a cold winter's day, but this is London and my flat doesn't have a fireplace, so being able to recreate the scent is amazing. There is a very distinctive musky & woody note to this, which is rich and warm. Personally it's definitely not something I could use on its own, but combined with the sweeter Gingerbread scent, it's balanced out perfectly.

Once again I'm really pleased with this duo from The Library of Fragrance and I love having this comforting home fragrance for this time of year. Have you tried anything from the brand yet? If you have, what's your favourite scent?

*PR samples

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