Debenhams #FoundIt Party Edition

Debenhams #FoundIt Party Edition

I am so excited to be back with another Youtube video, it's been a while I know but now that my laptop problems have been fixed it (or replaced I should say)... means I can get back to filming & editing, which surprisingly I quite enjoy (even if I am a bit awkward in front of the camera but I probably need more time to get used to it all). Today's video is a Christmas inspired one, just keeping the festive spirit alive on this little blog even if it's technically not even December yet. This time around I've themed up with Debenhams and their Partywear selection, which by the way is fab. I had the opportunity to pick out the most gorgeous sparkly dress, perfect for the festive season ahead... along with a pair of stylish heels & a clutch bag too. So I thought I would film a get ready with me: party edition kind of video to show you how I would prepare for a Christmas night out. Along with showing off my very sparkly outfit, I've also created a very classic festive makeup look focusing on a red lip paired with rose golden eyes & a bold eyeliner. I loved how it turned out and I hope you do too...

Debenhams #FoundIt Party Edition

This makeup look was created using some of my favourite products from MAC and Benefit, but also focusing on theBalm because they are a brand that I have been recently introduced to and some of their products really stood out to me. As you will see in the tutorial the Overshadow Pot (You Buy I'll Fly) which I applied to my lids wet (using MAC Fix +) is an absolute showstopper, the pigment is amazing and it's pretty much all I used to create this gorgeous golden rose shade. The bold eyeliner was created using one of my favourite gel eyeliners from Inglot... if you want something relatively affordable which will not budge then you've got to check this liner out. The classic red lip is of course the much raved about MAC Ruby Woo, which I have fallen in love with this year. If you're interested in any of the other products I've used, please check out the video (I promise it's not that long).

Debenhams #FoundIt Party Edition

Debenhams #FoundIt Party Edition

Now onto the outfit which is the focus of the video because just look at all the sparkle. I'm not usually a very sparkly/glittery kind of girl, but for Christmas you just can't go wrong with adding some shimmer to your outfit. 

The dress is the Red Herring Geometric Dress* (originally £40 which is amazing but it's currently on sale so even better). I love the shape it's super flattering and great length too, which is just above the knees (if you love wearing minis then it may be too long, but for my personal taste it's perfect). One thing to note with this dress is that you will have glitter on your hair & body from wearing this, considering the pattern & shimmer within it. Like I said glitter this time of the year doesn't bother me, but it's worth knowing about it. 

The shoes are from the same brand, Red Herring Black Glitter Platform Courts* (originally £39 but currently on sale also... happy Black Friday shopping). These are quite high, much higher than I had originally anticipated and I have turned quite into an old lady because I rarely sport heels. However considering the height they are actually quite comfortable, I guess this is duo to the fact that the heel is a block & there's also a platform (rather than a stiletto kind of design). I won't be wearing these often because as a mother I rarely get to go out, but the will be kept for special occasions.

Lastly I've got the Star by Julien MacDonald Black Embellished Clutch Bag (originally £25 but again it's on sale for an amazing price). This is the perfect party bag in my opinion because I am able to fit in my keys, bank card, phone and a lipstick... it may not seem like a lot but for a small clutch bag I think it's great. I also love that it has a wrist wrap, because I can just pop that on and now have to worry about it too much when I'm dancing the night away. I also love the embellished sign, it's just so pretty.

I couldn't be happier with my chosen outfit from Debenhams Partywear and I will definitely keep them in mind for my future party outfits as they have such a great selection. Not to mention that the current Black Friday offers mean you can bag yourself a great bargain. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this makeup look along with the party outfit... let me know if it's something you can see yourself wearing? Oh and let me know if you watch the video, because it would mean a lot to me :)

*PR samples included

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