Natural World Chia Seed Oil Haircare Range

 Natural World Chia Seed Oil Haircare Range

I was recently introduced to Natural World as a brand at the amazing #BloggersFestival event organised by Scarlett London end of September when I received some hair treatment oils in my goody bag. The one thing that had me intrigued immediately at the event was the Chia Seed Oil range. I mean I've heard of chia seeds before, I even have some lying around in my kitchen cupboards but I've never tried them in my haircare products. So when the brand contacted me after the event to try out this newly released range I was delighted to take part & see what it was all about. The Chia Seed Oil range promise to give hair lots of volume whilst maintaining a high shine… Yup my hair could definitely use some of that. After trying out the range for almost a month now, I'm ready to share my thoughts. 

Natural World Chia Seed Oil Haircare Range

So first of all the brand Natural World was created in the heart of Soho, London by leading hair experts focusing on using naturally active ingredients from around the world. The brand offer affordable yet luxurious hair care to suit every hair type. With such a huge variety of ranges I have no doubts that you will find something for your hair needs. 

The Chia Seed Oil range that I have here focuses mainly on adding back volume to your hair. The main ingredient chia seed oil is organic certified which is fantastic & of course it's what helps to boost volume whilst strengthening hair at the same time. Some of the other main ingredients such as Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Orange & Ylang Ylang are also quite promising as they promote hair growth, boost circulation in the roots, soothe the scalp & balance out the natural hair oils. Now these are all some pretty strong claims to make as a hair care brand, so of course the important question is all about the end results. 

I'll be honest and say that I have a love/hate relationship with this range. First of all I'll tackle the volume boosting claims because they really do stand out for me & it's the reason why I love the range. Within a few washes of using the shampoo & conditioner duo, I could definitely notice an added volume to my hair as soon as it started to dry. There was a bounce to my hair & it just sat nicely on my shoulders when I would leave it down. It just dried naturally with a lovely wave to it & I didn't have to bother with styling tools. Heck it even looked good whilst I tied it up in a high pony tail or a bun (hun bun as they say). But what I didn't like is how dry my hair felt overall. I have naturally fine & limp hair, plus with my latest dye job it certainly feels drier than usual. As much as the finishing oil adds a nice shine to the finished look, I just couldn't shake off how dry my hair felt. 

A few weeks ago I had to re-introduce a moisturising duo back into my routine twice a week & now I usually stick to using this volumising range once of twice a week max (depending on how often I am washing my hair that week). This suits my hair much better because not only am I getting the hydration my hair needs but I am also maintaining the volume to it. I've definitely found the right balance by using it every few washes & it suits my hair needs perfectly this way.

Natural World Chia Seed Oil Haircare Range

I love how massive these bottles are because they really do last a long time, I am only halfway through my shampoo & conditioner, plus I haven't even made a dent in the oil yet. The scent of the range is quite mild with a very delicate herbal scent, not too overpowering at all which I like. The shampoo lathers well & the conditioner has great consistency for spreading evenly throughout the hair. The star of the show for me is of course the oil, because it adds a lovely shine & gives off that glossy effect. A little bit goes a long way with this one (trust me on that or you will end up with super greasy looking hair… disaster). 

So as you can see overall this isn't the best suited range for my hair personally, but I have found a way to make it work for me for the time being. In the future I will definitely focus on buying one of the more hydrating ranges such as the Macadamia Oil or the Coconut Water, but I am impressed with the brand as a whole which is the most important factor. I'd love to know if you've tried anything from the brand before? Would you be tempted by this particular range?

*PR samples sent for review

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