MAC Diva

MAC Diva Lipstick

Ladies (and gents if anyone's reading) say hello to MAC Diva, one of the darkest lipsticks in my collection. It's intense, burgundy & it is perfect for autumn/winter, which funnily enough hasn't fully hit the UK since we're currently experiencing a bit of an Indian summer as they say. Before my first love affair with a red lipstick (MAC Ruby in case you're wondering which I reviewed here) I never even thought of the idea of wearing a shade this dark, as much as I loved how it looked on everyone else that could pull it off… you could say that I was even scared of the idea. Somethings changed around here lately because I seem to be getting braver & braver with my lipstick choices, hence why I picked up MAC Diva (without even swatching it before hand… well I did stalk Temptalia's lips & swatches for inspiration). It turns out I'm not the only one loving this lipstick shade though, because after all my research I soon realised MAC Diva holds somewhat of a holy grail status for many beauty lovers. After trying it out for myself, I completely understand the hype.

MAC Diva Lipstick

MAC Diva is a dark burgundy red with warm undertones, which suits my complexion amazingly well (it even makes my teeth look white), but I've no doubts that it would also look fantastic on a variety of skin tones. The lipstick belongs to the Matte range, but I would describe the formula semi-matte because it doesn't dry out my lips & it feels comfortable to wear (sure you will probably have to give your lips a nice pampering treat after a day of wearing this, but it's not the kind of lipstick that sucks all the moisture away). The application is dreamy with this shade, pretty much a one swipe wonder as the pigment is rich & opaque, with a creamy texture. This last for a good 5/6 hours including eating, but it may start to wear off from the inside of the lip which can cause the "butt hole lips effect" as Jaclyn Hill would say. You can easily fix this by reapplying or even smacking your lips together, but I just thought it may be worth noting. When it does start to fade away completely though, it leaves a nice stain effect behind that I like, because if I don't feel like reapplying I can just pop a bit of lip balm on top for glossy tinted lips. 

MAC Diva Lipstick

As you can tell this is another winner in my books & it's my third dark lipstick from the brand, which no doubt I will be wearing in rotation all winter long.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on MAC Diva? Is it a favourite of yours too it do you have any other suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments below...

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