IASO Korean Skincare

IASO Korean Skincare, IASO Extra Hydro Cream, IASO Total Eye Care Concentrate Ex

As you may have noticed in my post a while back introducing IASO Korean Skincare with their bestselling Black Ghassoul Cleanser, I was definitely left feeling impressed with the brand overall. If you read my review you'll know that particular cleanser is not something my skin can tolerate using everyday, but there's no denying that it's a fantastic product. Along with the cleanser I also had the opportunity to pick out the IASO Extra Hydro Cream* & the IASO Total Eye Care Concentrate Ex* which I've been using for a month now. With these kind of skincare products it takes a while to formulate my opinion on them & truly see how they perform, but I am finally ready to share my thoughts…

IASO Korean Skincare, IASO Extra Hydro Cream, IASO Total Eye Care Concentrate Ex
I'll start off with the IASO Extra Hydro Cream (£31.20) which I am just loving at the moment. From first impressions I loved the packging, simple but it has that luxe feel to it. If you don't already know my skin is always dehydrated & if I don't use the right products I am left with a tight feeling which is just uncomfortable, not to mention that makeup sits on my face & points out any dry patches in sight. So hydration in my skincare routine is a key factor & I am happy to report that this face cream ticks that box for me. The texture is quite light and it feels cooling on the skin, kind of reminds me of a gel/sorbet texture. However unlike regular gel textures which I tend to stay away from, as they don't provide enough moisture... this keep my skin hydrated all day. The main ingredients such as Marine Elastin, Hawaii Oceanwater, Green Tea Extract & Aloe Vera Gel, focus on keeping the skin firm, revitalised, whilst soothing & moisturising at the same time. What I love most about this face cream is just how soft it leaves my skin feeling, like I don't want to stop touching my face kind of softness. I use this in the mornings which is perfect for my skincare routine cnsidering I use facial oils in teh evenings. It might seem pricey at first but this pot offers 45ml of product which is a lot considering most face creams come in a 30ml size. I've been using it everyday now for a month & I'm just about half way through the pot so it's worth the investment. Overall I've loved adding this face cream to my routine and I honestly don't have a negative thing to say about it.

IASO Korean Skincare, IASO Extra Hydro Cream, IASO Total Eye Care Concentrate Ex
Now I'll turn my focus to the IASO Total Eye Care Concentrate Ex (£44.85) which I've got mixed opinions about. For about a year now I have really tried to introduce an eye cream in my skincare routine not because I particularly felt like I needed to, but because everyone told me I needed to. Yes I'm in my late 20's & of course fine lines are starting to show up, but I'm honestly not bothered about them in the slightest (I just don't care about aging yet). My only worry when it comes to my eyes is all about the dark circles but they are heredetory, meaning they are always there & of course they get worse with lack of sleep or bad diet. So this is where my mixed opinion comes in with this eye cream. Whilst I think it's a lovely product; great packging, huge 30ml size, gel texture that absorbs in quickly & leaves the eye area hydrated... I'm just not sure I can see a huge difference from using it everyday. That probably has to do with the fact that I never looked for problems to begin with so it's hard to spot a difference, plus I only remeber to use it once a day (knowing that it's recommended to be used day & night). The main ingredients of this are Eyeliss, Vitamin B & C, Grapefruit and Kavakava which focus on reducing fine lines & puffinnes, brightening dull eyes & soothing the sensitive area. I will continue on using it up because it feels lovely & I haven't had any allergic reactions to it, but I might just give up on eye cream all together for a while (at least until I feel the need to use one).

IASO Korean Skincare, IASO Extra Hydro Cream, IASO Total Eye Care Concentrate Ex

Overall the brand has left a great impression on me, I love their motto and what they stand for. Their prices are mid range and I love that the sizes they offer are that bit bigger meaning they are better value in the long run. The Extra Hydro Cream stands out for me the most and it's a product I would easily recommend to anyone with dehydrated skin. Would love to hear your thoughts on the brand… have you tired korean skincare before?

The lovely team behind the brand have also kindly offered my readers a 15% off discount which you can use across their website. Just inserts the code BEAUTYCHARM at the checkout…

*PR samples sent for review

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