Top tips for looking after your teeth

Top tips for looking after your teeth

Taking care of your teeth is not something that is talked about very often in the beauty world, even though they play a really important role in our beauty routine. Having healthy teeth & gums is not only a vital factor to our overall healthy selves but also to our confidence (I know this from a very personal experience as I had quite a bad fall a few years back knocking out my front teeth & confidence along with it … yes I am that clumsy). Many months down the line with many trips to the dentist & a few implants finally gave me my confidence back, even if to this day my smile is still one of the things I am most self conscious about. So today I though I would share with you a few tips for keeping your teeth in tip top shape…

So you brush your teeth every morning and every night before bed. You’re taking good care of your teeth, right? Well it's not exactly enough, but you’re off to a good start. There are a few more tricks and tips everyone could be taking advantage of to help keep their pearly whites, well… pearly white!


Take your time
You’re in a rush in the morning or you just want to fall into bed at night, but how long do you dedicate to brushing? It should take between two and three minutes to really give your teeth a good clean. It's easy to get caught up in the rush of the moment, but unfortunately a speedy 30 seconds brushing your teeth before work just doesn’t cut it. 

Make friends with flossing
It’s the thing most of us know we should be doing but very rarely find the time for. However, flossing should be done as regularly as brushing your teeth. Before having my implants, I used to forget about flossing & it happened on very rare occasions, which is so bad but I am definitely paying back for that now. Plaque builds up around the gum margins and can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. If you’re a flossing newbie, start with traditional flossing string then graduate to flossing brushes to really get to where your brush can’t!

Ditch the sugar
This one is probably the hardest for me personally as I have the worst sweet tooth, but I am trying to make more conscious decisions on an everyday basis. It’s not just your waistline that will thank you for reducing your sugar intake, but your teeth will be thrilled too. The bacteria in dental plaque turns sugar into acid, which attacks the teeth (horrid isn't it). So the old saying that sugar rots your teeth is truer than you may first think. Most processed foods have sugars in them so try to eat as naturally as possible and don’t forget drinks, especially fizzy drinks and juices which are some of the worst offenders when it comes to sugar. Limit them or even better stay away altogether, by keeping hydrated with some old fashioned h2o.

Make a date…with your dentist
If you’ve been putting it off or you’re scared (trust me the dentist is definitely not my happy place either) it’s time to make a date with your dentist. Regular check-ups are the best way to keep on top of any issues and to put your mind at ease. The recommended time between visits depends on your own dental health & history. For those with healthy teeth and gums, it’s usually every 24 months. If you have any issues that need to be dealt with by a professional, it could be as often as every 6 months.

Ultimately, if you want a sparkling smile that serves you well for years to come you have to be consistent in everything you do. Giving your teeth some regular care and attention pays off in the long run, no matter how tedious it may feel at the time. Making these simple changes to your routine and lifestyle will have you smiling sweetly in no time!

Top tips for looking after your teeth, Ollie & Darsh

This blog is sponsored & provided by Ollie & Darsh, a Liverpool based private dental clinic that specialise in Dental Implants, dedicated to giving every client a first-class dental service in a welcoming, luxury environment.  Investing heavily in state of the art equipment and industry leading cosmetic techniques, they have established themselves as an authority on premier dental care with their client’s dental health and hygiene at the heart of everything they do.

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