MAC Ruby Woo

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

If you had of told me a few months ago that I would be getting my hands on a red lipstick & loving the shade, I would have laughed. I think red lipstick shades look amazing on so many gorgeous ladies but for me it was always one of those super scary shades that I just didn't think I could pull off. Well it turns out I changed my mind & I'm so glad I did. During National Lipstick Day a few weeks back a dear friend of mine kindly picked this little beauty up for me & after telling her the shade I wanted I did have one of those "what the f*** are you doing" kind of moments but as soon as I tried it on I knew I had made a good decision. And so my love for MAC Ruby Woo lipstick began…

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

So why did I go for this Retro Matte version out of all the options available... well it's all about the longevity for me. If I'm going to start wearing such a bright shade (one that I used to be terrified of until now) I want to make sure it stays put, no smudging or fading as soon as I apply it. I can safely confirm that this does last on my lips amazingly well, probably about 6 hours (including eating/drinking) before I have to touch up, which is a big thumbs up. 

Of course the formula of this is going to be a bit drying (I guess you really can't have it all) so whether you prefer longevity over moisture is definitely a personal choice. Saying that this isn't anywhere near as drying as I had thought it would be, plus using the MAC Prep + Prime Lip Primer underneath made the application a lot easier & it also kept my lips from drying out instantly. I would suggest to make sure your lips are well prepped before you decide to wear this, as you do need them to be in their best condition. I personally scrubbed my lips the night before & applied a very thick/hydrating lip balm overnight to make sure I had soft & plump lips. 

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

In terms of the actual shade I would say Ruby Woo is a medium red, with bright pigment & cool blue undertones. This kind of red seems to suit my complexion perfectly, but I have no doubt it would look just as good on paler/darker skin tones, so it really is appealing to all skin tones. It also makes my teeth look white (well as white as they can be, I'm certainly not talking about a Tom Cruise smile here), which I know can be a downside to certain dark lipstick shades. Most importantly the pigmentation is amazing… pretty much a one swipe wonder kind of lipstick. 

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

Overall as you can see I'm in love with  Ruby Woo and I definitely feel like I've discovered my classic  red lipstick shade. It instantly makes me feel glamorous & I think everyone should at least check it out. Have you tried this beautiful red lipstick or do you have any other favourites? Let me know your suggestion below as I'm definitely hoping to pick up more red shades in the future...

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