Summer Dreaming…

So my recent spending ban (or spending cuts I should say because I haven't completely cut off any beauty spending but I do try to cause as little damage as possible), has led me to constantly create wish lists and the products I have pictured above are the ones that have really stuck with me because I can't stop thinking about them (it must be love). I rarely write these kind of posts on my blog but considering there's so many things I am lusting after, I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know so maybe you can give me some advice on whether the products are really worth it or if I should just forget about them. Let the lusting begin…

First up a Zoeva brush set, which I will actually be giving away to one of you lucky readers in my blogiversary giveaway so of course it's only natural that I'm also wanting a set for myself. I'm especially lusting after the Rose Golden Complete Eye Brush Set Vol. 2 because you can never have too many eye brushes in my opinion. I already have a few of their eye brushes in my collection but throughout the week this is one area that I always fall short on & end up having to give my brushes numerous spot cleanings. Adding more will mean less hassle for me during the week, I know #firstworldproblems. 
Then it's all about my latest fragrance obsession, the YSl Black Opium Perfume which I sniffed in store a few months back & I can't get my mind off. The scent of this is just amazing, full of floral notes, black coffee & vanilla.

Next up is one of Urban Decay's latest release, the Afterglow Blush in Rapturewhich is very different from anything else in my collection, so of course I naturally want it. I've also heard amazing things about the formula of these blushes & I love the packaging so it's definitely a lust worthy. 
I'm all about setting sprays, so when I heard Smashbox had released their Photo Finish Primer Water I immediately wanted to get my hands on it. Of course the sensible part of me wanted to finish up the current fixing sprays I already had in my collection. So now with a tiny bit of MAC Fix + left I am ready to give this option from a try. 

Then it's all about a bag obsession that I've had for a few months now, why must I like expensive bags bags. Regardless this gorgeous Ted Baker Hickory Stab Stitch Bag is on my wish list but the only thing putting me off is of course £229 price tag ouch! However I have managed to find a much better deal on for £163 here so I better start saving. (UPDATE: the bag in this particular shade now seems to be out of stock everywhere so maybe it is for the best)

Lusting after yet again more brushes, this time a very pricey Face Blender Brush from Bobbi Brown. When it comes to my foundations I've been mostly using a beautyblender as brushes just don't cut it out for me anymore. However I have seen this particular one in tutorials & it gives off a super flawless finish, so of course I want it. 

Another Bobbi a Brown lust worthy product, the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40. I've had a sample of this before & used every last drop, which is unusual for me so it can only mean one thing…. I love it! This feels so natural on the skin, as if I'm not wearing foundation at all yet it still gives off a really good coverage. I'm not a huge fan of the scent but you get used to it after a while & the formula is completely worth it. 

Lastly it's all about the Olivia Burton Big Dial Rose Gold watch, which I've lusting after since last winter & I'm still thinking about it now so it must only mean one thing… I must have it. I love delicate jewellery pieces so this watch is the perfect accessory. Plus did I mention it's rose gold? 

So all of the above are definitely not products that I need in any way, but more so products that I want because there's no harm in dreaming right… What is at the top of your wish list?

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