Aquatic Green Makeup Look

Aquatic Green Makeup Look, CLARINS

Today not only marks my birthday (yup I'm sharing this because I don't mind ageing or so I tell myself) but it's also the day that reminds me summer is coming to an end. Usually I wouldn't mind so much & I'd happily embrace autumn, but this year I haven't even felt like summer was truly here, not to mention that it went by in a flash (ok so I'm definitely getting old saying things like that). What better way to take advantage of these last summer days than by continuing on from my Clarins Summer Aquatic Collection post a few days ago & creating a makeup look using these stunning products because that aquatic green shade was just calling my name. I won't be going out partying till the early hours, so I wanted to create something that I could actually see myself wearing during the day, whilst still injecting a pop of colour. Let's get started…

Aquatic Green Makeup Look, CLARINS

I decided to keep the base super simple & natural, almost bare if you think about it because I'm using The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer along with a pump of MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer to all the areas that needed a bit of concealing. 

This leaves me with a semi-matte finish so it means I can skip on powder and just focus on bronzing up my skin with the Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact. I'm instantly left with a sun kissed glow which not only gives my skin a healthy radiance but in turn makes me feel good too, well done Clarins! 

With this in mind I skip on blush, as I turn my attention to highlighting instead. I could have used a variety of highlighters from my collection but I wanted to test out if the Clarins Ombre Iridescent Shadow in Aquatic Rose could be a multi-tasking product. Luckily for me it is and I was able to add a gorgeous sheen to my cheekbones, brow bone & inner corner of the eyes, without looking like a disco ball.

Aquatic Green Makeup Look, CLARINS

Next it's all about the eyes and since I knew I wanted to use the Ombre Iridescent Shadow in Aquatic Green as the star of the show, I decided to keep the rest of the look matte & natural. I used MAC Kid all over the lid and then moved onto the crease with MAC Espresso. For added depth I used a touch of MAC Carbon in the outer corner and blended it lightly with Espresso on the lower lash line too. 

My focus was then on the Aquatic Green shade which I packed on the lower lash line to its full effect. I finished the look with a mix of Blinc Black Lash Primer & Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara in Aquatic Green, which resulted in a really nice deep green tint to my lashes.

To keep everything still quite day time appropriate and considering the pop of colour on the eyes, I decided to keep the lips neutral, by adding a touch of gloss & shimmer with Jane Iredale PureGloss in Pink Smoothie.

And that is the makeup look finished as I get ready to enjoy the rest of my birthday. And just because I am 'supposed' to be getting another year older & wiser… I decided to do the opposite and be silly for a change by sharing with you some of the photos that don't make the cut on the blog. In between all the posing & trying to get the photos that I will happily publish without cringing (actually scratch that there's always a tiny bit of cringing involved), letting loose whilst the camera continues to shoot is really important & not to mention fun because we really do need to just sit back & laugh at ourselves sometime… Next time I chat with you I'll be well & truly 28 years of age, but don't expect me to act older as I just don't feel it plus you know what they say 'you're as old as you feel' and I am going to stick by that. 

Aquatic Green Makeup Look, CLARINS

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