Library of Fragrance - Fruity Cocktail

Library of Fragrance - Fruity Cocktail
If you've read my blog before you are probably aware by now that I like sweet scents, not over the top scents that can make you feel queasy within a few minutes but still sweet in a more refreshing way. For summer fruity scents especially are my absolute favourite because they just smell so refreshing yet they still satisfy my sweet scent cravings. When I first spoke to Library of Fragrance, I immediately knew that I would go for sweet & fruity fragrances, but narrowing down one scent was definitely a tough choice considering they have so many on offer. The lovely team behind this fantastic brand were kind enough to send me 3 perfectly fruity fragrances to test out since I just couldn't make up my mind. Straight away I knew that I could create my own perfect scent by mixing & matching the 3 different scent, for my very own fruity cocktail.
Library of Fragrance - Fruity Cocktail
The Library of Fragrance website actually offer advice on how you can create your own bespoke scent by mixing & layering different scents, so I'm definitely not on my own here. Because the fragrances they have on offer are all single note fragrances with one identifiable smell, it makes it much easier to get creative & achieve amazing results. There's not really any major rules to follow, you really do just have to be as creative as you can & not afraid to experiment. The Library of Fragrance do suggest to apply the heavier, stronger scents first followed by the lighter, fresher scents on top, which I definitely agree with. Also if you are experimenting and looking to create your perfect scent, definitely remember to take note of how exactly you went about creating the scent so you can remember it for the future.

What I love most about the brand is the amount of different scents Library of Fragrance offer and just how unique some these scents are. You have anything from Baby PowderDirt & even Rain, which I would be so intrigued to try sniff, but of course I stuck to my safe fruity options as I received Dragon Fruit* (can't seem to find it online), Apple Blossom* & Peach*.
Library of Fragrance - Fruity Cocktail
They all smell amazing but I'll start off with my favourite of them all Dragon Fruit... I don't think I could even recognise an actual dragon fruit if saw it (well I do now cuz I Googled it) so I'm definitely surprised that this is my favourite. Not only does this smell fruity but it's so tropical and even has a slight floral scent to it. If I was to imagine myself holidaying on a paradise island, this is exactly the scent that I would want to be surrounded by. The freshest scent of the bunch is definitely Apple Blossom, with a very floral yet delicate scent. It's quite warm when applied to the skin followed by a hint of sweet apple. This is definitely one of the lighter fragrances that would be perfect for layering on top of heavier ones. My least favourite is Peach which I actually thought I would love the most, but it's definitely the sweetest of them all. As soon as you spray it you are immediately surrounded by a fruity & juicy peach fragrance, so it's also the strongest of the bunch. I still enjoy using it but I use it sparingly and I combine it with Apple Blossom for a hint of freshness to it.

I've been so impressed with these fragrances and I just love that I can mix & match them to create my very own fruity scent. They last really well on the skin without being over powering and they have been my favourite thing to wear so far this summer. I'm definitely intrigued to step out f my comfort zone next time and order some of the more unique scents on offer because trust me there's a ton available. Have you tried Library of Fragrance scents yet? If so, which is your personal favourite?

*PR samples

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