Baby 2 Body Beauty Box

Baby 2 Body Beauty Box

Before anyone ask or automatically thinks that this is me somehow announcing that I'm expecting or even thinking about it, let me just say that I'm most definitely not. Don't get me wrong I love Ellie to the moon & back, but right now I'm not ready for another bundle of joy in my life (Ellie keeps me well & truly occupied for the time being). What I do want to do is to introduce you to a new kind of beauty box designed for anyone out there expecting including brand new mommies, this is of course the Baby 2 Body beauty box*. I'm certainly not a new mommy but I got sent the 'Mum Box' which is suitable for mommies with children up to the age of 3, so another few months for me before I'm excluded from that category. The box can be bought throughout your entire pregnancy, varying from different semesters & then of course the box that I received for when you become a mum. The team behind the brand are fantastic & I've personally got to know Jess from Making It Up  as she's a great blogging buddy & I was more than happy to support the brand she's working closely with. 
Baby 2 Body Beauty Box
Baby 2 Body Beauty Box

I have to say for the price of £29 I was quite impressed with the great brands included within the box & just how much you actually get. Most of the brands are completely new to me so I was very excited I try them out, as one of the best things about blogging is discovering new brands. I love that the box included a pamphlet to tell you about each product included, always a bonus for me especially when it's a product/brand I haven't heard of or tried before. It also included a canvas tote which always comes in handy with a toddler, especially on trips to the park. I haven't got the change to try every single thing in the box just yet so I won't give you full reviews, because let's face it we'd be here all day. But I will say that what I've tried up until now have been lovely additions to my routine & of course the treats included for Ellie disappeared within minutes of opening the box, safe to say she enjoyed them very much so & it gave me a few minutes of peace.
Baby 2 Body Beauty Box
Baby 2 Body Beauty Box

Here's what you will get in this particular box (although items might vary slightly from time to time):
- Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (travel size so I am keeping it my samples box which I tend to use for when I go away somewhere)
- Mustela Hydra Bebe & Dermo-Cleansing Wash (travel size; I've already used them on Ellie to see how they would compare to my usual Johnson's Baby products. They're gentle on the skin & I'll definitely keep an eye out for them next time I need to stock up on baby bath products)
- Phyto Hydration Conditioner (travel size; once again I'm saving this for my next trip away)
- Stur Drinks Liquid Water Enhancer (Boldly Blackcurrant Apple; we love cordial in our house, it's pretty much the only thing Ellie drinks, as she's not a huge fan of water but this way I can make sure she's getting enough hydration without her knowing, so this was used up very quickly & we all loved it)
- MooGoo Milk Wash (travel size & I'm saving it again for travel purposes)
- MooGoo Brightening Cream (full size; I don't really suffer from sun spots or pigmentation issues so I have stuck to using this a few times a week as my day time moisturiser, especially because brightening products like these are not really recommended during the summer when your skin is exposed to the sun more often. So far it feels very lightweight & it's absorbed by the skin quickly which I like).
- Bear Paws ( full size; fruit shapes with no added nasties which Ellie loved & the best part it's considered as 1 of your 5 a day, which is fantastic since I struggle to get enough fruit & veggies in Ellie's diet)
- Aurelia Body Oil (travel size; I love using oils for my skin as they are always super moisturising so this of course has been a real treat. It's just a shame the sample size is so small considering it's for the body but it did last a couple of applications & my skin felt super smooth the morning after applying it)
- Pukka Womankind Tea (3 sachets; this is my first time trying out this particular tea & I love it, it's really flavourful)
Baby 2 Body Beauty Box
Baby 2 Body Beauty Box

So as you can see the box included quite a lot of products from some amazing brands, my only niggle is that maybe the website should have an option for the boxes to be a little bit more customised towards each individual. I know that can be tough to do but for example the MooGoo Brightening Cream is not something I would have personally chose for myself as I don't suffer with pigmentation problems, so for me something like a hydrating cream wold have suited me better. It's just something to bear in mind, but other than that I think the team are doing a fantastic job at creating such unique boxes and if you have any friends expecting, these would be a great gift to give them. Thank you again to Jess & the team at Baby 2 Body for letting me experience their beauty box.

*PR sample sent for review

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