Life Lately

Life Lately
I don't think I've written one of these posts in a while now but with my first year in London completed I thought it was about time I did a little catch up with all my amazing readers. 
So what's changed around here, first of all my blog which I personally feel like it has hit quite a few milestones (they might not be huge to others but to me they are). One of them is that I've been nominated for the Best New Beauty Blog in the Beauty Blogger Awards amongst some really good contestants. I just can't believe that… it's so amazing and even though my chances of winning are not extremely high, I am just so grateful that this little blog of mine has been recognised. If you haven't voted but you would like to for whatever reason that may be, you can do that here but no pressure of course.

I've also had the chance to collaborate with some amazing brands so far (one that stands out the most is working with The Body Shop as it was so exciting since I love the brand; on top of that getting to attend one of their recent press releases was a complete dream). So I definitely feel like this blog of mine is gradually growing and improving, at least I hope it is anyway and it's clearer then ever that being able to do this full time as my career would be a dream come true (all I can do is keep working hard and continue to grow).
In my personal life I'm starting to be more settled and happy here in London, don't get me wrong I still have really tough days but recently I'm all about appreciating what I've got and being positive (it really is the only way forward or so I've come to realise). On top of my part time job as a receptionist and this blog, I've also landed a freelance writing position, which I would have never even imagined. It's with a brand new website Style Your Lifestyle aimed at women in London and it includes everything from beauty to fashion to healthy eating and even book reviews. My role is basically writing once a week about my passion, beauty of course & I would really appreciate if you checked it out and maybe even subscribed because the team and the website itself is just fantastic (yes I know I'm biased here but at least check it out and you will see what I'm harping on about). It's going to launch in the next couple of days so now is definitely the right time to subscribe…
Last but not least as you are reading this I am packaging my bags to fly off to "sunny" Dublin (or at least I hope it will be sunny for the time that I'm there visiting family and friends *fingers crossed*). I will be taking a much needed break away from blogging and social media, even if I will still catch up with Bloglovin once in a while; not because I'm in a blogging rut or anything like that but because I feel like in any hard working job you get holidays and time away, so after almost a year of blogging this break is well deserved. I do hope you stick around while I'm gone though as it won't be long and before you know it I will be back with a blog birthday celebration and a makeover too (nothing is set in stone but working on some plans at the moment). 
*** Update - I will actually have a different kind of post up tomorrow which I have prepared last minute in the past couple of days as part of House of Fraser's Beauty Ambassador competition… which I would very much appreciate your support with, so do give it a visit & a quick read tomorrow if you like.
So that's my little update, hope I didn't bore you but I personally love reading posts like these (maybe I'm just super nosy), plus I wanted to give you a heads up on why I won't be posting for a week or so. Hope to chat to you again in July which is a very exciting month as I still can't believe I've been blogging for a whole year and love it more than I ever thought I would.

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