BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic

BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic

When Beauty Crowd offered me to review the new HypoAllergenic Range from Bell Cosmetics* I was all about it, despite having never even heard of the brand. I don't have the most sensitive skin in the world by any means but lately I have been dealing with what I think might be a case of eczema and in the summer my allergies are high, so on top of that I experience itchy skin quite often (which is not sexy I know). At times when my skin problems get worse I do wonder if it was certain products in my collection that contributed, so being able to have a range like this specifically designed for sensitive skin is great. From what I've read Bell Cosmetics is a Polish brand that has been around for 30 years and their aim is to offer high quality products at affordable prices. They certainly are affordable as prices on Beauty Crowd start from £3.50 with the highest being £8.95, so total bargains. Aside from the fantastic prices just how did these products perform on my skin and what are my thoughts (spoiler alert… I'm pleasantly surprised). I'll try be snappy and quick with my reviews because there's a lot of products to get through and I don't want to bore into a coma….

BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Powder

I'll review the products in order from the top photo, so first up I'll start with the BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Matte Powder* £4.95 which I received in shade 02 (the same shade applies to the rest of the face products actually and sadly I feel like it has a slight pink undertone to it). The powder feels verbs oft to the touch and almost has a velvet finish when applied to the skin. This isn't necessarily the best thing for my dry skin so I definitely need to use a light hand and apply it to my T-zone area only, since it's the only part of my face that tends to get oily. If you've got oily skin then your skin could definitely benefit from this a lot more. I on the other hand prefer creamier textures when it comes to powders, but like I said I will use this on my T-zone because it does keep shine at bay for a good 6 hours.

BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Foundation

Next up the BELL Cosmetics Matte & Soft Foundation* £7.95 which again is in shade 02 Natural and it has that slight pink undertone to it. I can definitely pull it off with a light layer as it's not very obvious but in the sunlight I  can definitely spot the pink tone much more. It's a shame because I really like the formula of this foundation, despite the Matte finish it's actually quite hydrating too and feels really light on the skin. It blends really well onto the skin using my beautyblender sponge and looks really natural on the skin. Lasting time is somewhere between 6-8 hours for me before I start noticing slight fading, which is pretty average for most of my foundations.

BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Makeup Base

I've then got the BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Matt & Smooth Makeup Base* £7.95 which I am still unsure about. I do like that it doesn't have a silicone texture because it blends on the skin pretty much like a serum would. However it really does what it claims to do and it mattify the skin but since my skin is on the dry side, that's just not what I look for in products (I am definitely all about the glow instead). It doesn't dry out my skin by any means but I usually prefer illuminating primers instead, so once again if you've got oily skin I can imagine this will be perfect.  

BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Concealer

Now it's onto the products that really stand out for me, first up the BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Liquid Eye Concealer* £3.95 in the darkest shade 02 which has a slight peach undertone so it's perfect for hiding dark circles. The formula is really creamy and it blends effortlessly on the skin. If you don't set it lightly with powder it definitely has the tendency to crease in the fine lines, so just make note of that. For the price and the natural finish, I really have no complaints here.

BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Mascara

Last of the bunch is the BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Thickening Mascara* £4.95 which I was super skeptical of at first because I'm not exactly a fan of fibre brushes but I was definitely surprised using this. Th brush manages to coat lashes evenly and add length to them at the same time. I don't feel like it gives a huge amount of volume and you certainly don't get that wow factor using it, but for a natural everyday mascara it's perfect.

BELL Cosmetics HypoAllergenic Makeup

I'm not sure if you can see in the photo just how natural this look and how well it covers any imperfections on my face, because the pink undertone is certainly not visible (you've got to be in direct sunlight to really notice that). Whilst some of the products are not exactly suited to my personal taste I can't deny that these are all great quality products and for the price you really can't go wrong. Is BELL Cosmetics a brand you would be interested to try out? Do any of these products stand out for you? I'd love to know your opinions in the comments below…

PR samples sent for review.

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