ALDI Carino Hair Range

ALDI Carino Aussi Hair Range
ALDI Carino Aussi Hair Range

When Aldi contacted me about trying out their Carino hair range* (which is actually out in stores today) I immediately said yes because if it was anything like the original but more expensive Aussie range I knew I would love it. Even though the Aldi offerings are a much cheaper alternative the differences are very hard to spot from the packaging to the scents & even the formula. A few years back when the famous Aussie range was released it was all I used (I had no bills to pay still living at home so I didn't mind splurging) but in recent times I usually just go for whatever stores have on after at the time, so I was glad to be reminded of the familiar scent through these affordable ranges. I've been sent the two different versions & both are really impressive considering the price. 

ALDI Carino Aussi Hair Range

The first is my favourite out of the two, the Carino Moisture range because the formula is exactly what my hair needs right now. If you've spotted on Instagram I've had a recent hair change as I've gone for the ombre look (aka dyed it to bits) so it's safe to say my locks are on the dry side of things. Not to mention that London water can be super harsh at times so I'm forever in need of a good dose of hydration. This duo does exactly what it claims to do, as it leaves my hair feeling super soft & smooth, plus it looks extremely shiny & healthy. I just love the scent of this, nutty & sweet but in a really pleasant way (not the kind of sweetly suffocating way).  

ALDI Carino Aussi Hair Range

The second range is the Carino Mighty duo, which is all about adding volume & that bit of oomph to dull hair. Another thing that my hair screams out for as it's always been on the thin side. The scent of this is not as nice as the other one in my opinion as it's more floral (but of course scents are a matter of personal preference). This once again does what it claims to do as it pretty much adds life back into my hair which I am pretty happy with for the price. 

I'm currently using these two ranges by alternating each time I wash my hair as it gives me the perfect balance for healthy looking locks. My only problem now is running out of these fantastic products as I don't have an Aldi anywhere nearby. From the range I've also spotted a Miraculous Leave In Conditioner Spray which sounds very interesting and a Moisture Deep Conditioning Treatment which I would definitely buy if I could. Have you tried these Aldi hair ranges or will you be picking some up today? 

PR Samples sent for review.

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