The Ones That Are Here To Stay

Repurchased Products, Garnier Micellar Water, Origins Spot Remover, The Body Shop Vitamin E, Sallly Hansen Insta Dry, Blinc Black Lash Primer, L'Oreal Superliner, Tangle Teezer, Urban Decay Primer Potion

We all have our 'holy grail' products as we like to call them, the ones that we will repurchase in a heartbeat because they just work amazingly well in one way or another. After repurchasing some of my all time favourite products recently I thought I would share with you exactly what has left a lasting impression on me to the point where I can safely say that these are here to stay for the long run. With these products I have been 100% satisfied and don't even feel the need to go exploring for different variations, they are that good (in my opinion anyway). So here's my personal beauty saviours…

Repurchased Products, Garnier Micellar Water, Origins Spot Remover, The Body Shop Vitamin E, Sallly Hansen Insta Dry, Blinc Black Lash Primer, L'Oreal Superliner, Tangle Teezer, Urban Decay Primer Potion

First up I've got the Garnier Micellar Water, which I can't even remember how many times I've repurchased it at this stage. I can tell you that I have been using it since it was released and I absolutely love it. It removes my eye makeup so effortlessly without being harsh on the sensitive area, this is my main use for it as I do use a separate cleanser afterwards. It's cheap as chips (usually on special offer somewhere) for the huge 400ml bottle that lasts you ages. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it. 

Then it's all about the Tangle Teezer which I literally just took out of the box, hence the lovely shine off it. My last one has been used by all three of us in the family for over 2 years now and starting to look a little grubby, so I though it was time for a new one. I have tried other brushes in the past which I really liked (the Wet Brush comes to mind) but I always come back to this, it's amazing and it even detangles my toddlers hair which can be a nightmare.

I've already raved about the Origins Super Spot Remover on my blog here so I won't ramble on too much. All I will say is that this stuff works on my skin whenever it may be going through a spotty phase and the tiny bottle last me AGES, so well worth the splurge.

The Urban Decay Primer Potion still holds the number 1 spot for me even if I have tried a few other primers that I have liked, there's nothing quite like the UD version. It just works so well on keeping my eyeshadow in place all day without creasing or fading. Not to mention that the travel sized version which is only £8 lasts me ages so it's worth investing in.

Where would I be without The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum (or the whole Vitamin E range for that matter), this affordable hydrating serum, especially if bought on sale is a must have in my skincare routine. What I will say is that I do feel like I get through one of these bottles quicker then with other serums but I don't mind since it adds the right hydration for my skin, in turn making me a happy bunny.

I used every drop of my last BLINC Black Lash Primer which once again I raved about here and really missed it until I got my hands on a new tube. This stuff adds so much volume and length to my lashes with no effort at all. It also makes mascara application a complete breeze once I have this on first. I'm terrible with fake lashes so if I can get a similar effect without having to go through the ordeal of applying lashes (yes it really is an ordeal for me) then of course that's what I'll choose to do.

I don't wear liner nowhere near as much as I used to do in my younger years but when I do I pretty much always opt for the L'Oreal Super Liner amongst my other gel/kohl options. It's such an affordable liner and it applies like a dream, super easy to use. It lasts me ages since I don't use it on an everyday basis and doesn't dry halfway through my liner application, so that's a win for me.

I don't see the Sally Hansen Insta Dry Anti Chip Topcoat being raved about enough and I really feel like it should be the talk of the town when it comes to topcoats, because it's fantastic and once again super affordable. I'm a very impatient person when it comes to drying my nails and always end up smudging them within minutes, which is where this topcoat comes in. It really does dry your nails within minutes (not exactly seconds as it claims, but that also depends on how many coats you've applied). Not only that but it adds a gorgeous shine too, which I just love.

If you got through that entire list, then well done to you… I didn't realise it would be this long and I do have tendency to ramble when it comes to beauty. I'd love to know what your holy grail products are; let me know in the comments below what you would repurchase without even thinking about it?

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