My Holygrail Foundation: RMK Creamy Foundation

Is the title a bit much (I probably am exaggerating here) but after trying my fair share of foundations I finally feel like I found the one. By the one of course I mean the foundation that ticks all the boxes for me personally. The RMK Creamy Foundation suits my skin perfectly and I love how it settles on my skin, how it looks overall and how it performs. I have never even tried anything from RMK until now but this foundation stood out to me when I saw Lily Pebbles rave about it a while ago. It was only recently that I was came across the brand's stand in Selfridges and picked up a sample of this. The sample was a tiny sachet and I only managed to get two uses out of it but I fell in love immediately. When I came across the foundation on Look Fantastic with a reduced price, I did what any good beauty blogger would do and snapped it up.

This foundation is on the pricey side coming in at £36 but with a good flawless base I really do think it's worth splurging on sometimes. The one thing I dislike about this product is the packaging, as you can see above it comes in a glass jar so not exactly hygienic or travel friendly. But for the formula that lays within I will overlook this, because it really is that good. The first thing to note with this foundation is that a little bit goes a long way, so straight away I can see this pot lasting me quite a long time. The second thing is that it's got an SPF15 which is great for the warmer months as it means extra protection on top of your moisturiser. I've actually just noticed that the reason I seemed to have got this at a reduced price is because the formula has been changed so if you buy the newer one you will get an SPF28 which is much better.

Now onto the actual formula… as the name suggests the foundation is super creamy which works amazingly well with my dehydrated skin. Saying that you would think that the finish is super dewy but instead it's semi matte and feels almost silky to the touch. This makes me and my skin very happy as it means I'm using less powder so in turn less of a chance to look and feel 'cakey'. The coverage is quite high which is not something I typically go for but the fact that it looks super natural makes it ok. It also means that the only concealer I have to worry about is for my dark circles, so less time faffing about trying to cover redness or blemishes. Now the one thing that impressed me the most was the longevity, this stuff lasts and lasts all day long. The first time I wore it happened to be one of the hottest day of the year and I could imagine myself coming home to a melted face but instead I had the exact same look as I had before leaving the house (if that's not impressive I don't know what is).

As you can see I have really fallen in love with this foundation and it was never one that I had pictured to be the one foundation for me, but it is. It's taken the highest place in my foundation stash and I doubt anything will come close to it, not for a while anyway. Have any of your tried this foundation or any other products from RMK before?

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