KISS Cosmetics Limited Edition #KISSTICK

KISS Cosmetics Limited Edition #KISSTICK

I've been part of a secret Kiss Cosmetics Facebook group for quite a few months now, so to finally see the products come to life and be released is super exciting. Of course when I was asked to review one of their limited edition KISStick lipsticks I was more than happy to do so, even when I didn't know the shade that would be sent to me. All I knew is that it would a limited edition shade and that it would be vibrant which was good enough for me. For anyone that isn't aware of this spanking new brand just yet, they are basically a UK colour fuelled cosmetics brand which for the time being will solely focus on lip products. The founder Danielle Fenwick wanted "to create a fashion forward, wild colour cosmetics brand that offers unique, innovative twists" which I think she's done well from the products that have been launched so far.

KISS Cosmetics Limited Edition #KISSTICK

Now onto the actual KISStick lipstick in shade Osculate Orchid*… The shade is bold and bright (if you haven't guessed from the photos) and I would definitely say it's not one for the faint hearted. KISS Cosmetics describe this as "cosmic purple with bright fuchsia undertones" which I couldn't agree with more. As you can see from the swatch on my lips when it's first applied it's definitely full on purple but as the hours passed and the glossiness started fading I was left with a gorgeous raspberry stain to the lips which I really liked. I'm not sure how well I can personally pull of the purple so from now on I'll make sure to pat my lips with a tissue after applying so I get more of the fuchsia shade coming through.

What I love most about the lipstick was the formula, super moisturising & creamy, which my lips always benefit from. I just love how pigmented yet hydrating this lipstick is once applied on the lips and the fact that it leaves a lovely stain like effect behind even after eating/drinking. For the £7 price tag I have to say I am quite impressed and will look into the other existing 10 shades from the range (maybe one more toned down for my not so confident side).

KISS Cosmetics Limited Edition #KISSTICK

In terms of packaging the lime green plastic encasing wouldn't be my favourite exactly, but I know that's because it's limited edition and the rest of the range have a much sleeker looking black packaging. What I do love is that the colour of the lipstick is nicely displayed at the bottom making it easier to pick out if you have a few in your collection. 

All that's really left to say now is that this particular limited edition shade launches 20th of May so make sure to snap it up whilst available if you love a good purple shade. What are your opinions on the brand so far?

*PR sample sent for review

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