ALDI Beauty

ALDI Beauty

I was recently introduced to more than a few ALDI products from their Health & Beauty* range and I just thought I would do a quick post to share it with you all. I don't have an ALDI nearby but have heard that their affordable products can actually stand quite high beside some of the more expensive brands out there, so when I was given the opportunity to test them out I was more than happy to see how they would compare. When it comes to shower products such as shower gel or shampoo/conditioner I'm not fussy as I tend to pick up whatever is on special offer in my local supermarket so having tried most brands I can easily see how these cheaper alternatives match. 

ALDI Beauty

I'm not one to go for minty scents ever so it was a nice change to try something like the Aqua V Kickstart Tea Tree & Mint Leaves Shower Gel. The scent of this comes through immediately and it is minty kinda feels like chewing gum for my body if that makes any sense. But at the same time it's quite refreshing to use and wild definitely give you the wakeup call needed first thing in the morning. I was surprised to read that the scent is all natural from essential oils, no nasties here and all that for just 89p.

The same scent applies to the Carino Shampoo & Conditioner as once again it's all about Tea Tree and Black Mint. I did find it a bit strange using a minty haircare duo as I usually go for moisturising & hydrating options since London water is so harsh, but I was surprised at how clean my hair felt yet it wasn't stripped of moisture. This duo also helped with a few dandruff problems I have experienced recently but I think using it continuously might be too much for my hair so I will stick to getting a deep refreshing clean once a week whilst using moisturising products in between. For 65p each I can't fault this duo and I'd definitely be interested in trying the Coconut versions.

I've stopped using face wipes to clean my face/take my makeup off a few years ago but having apace in the house is always handy because you never know when you might have one of those I am so lazy nights that you simply can't be bothered to use anything else. The Lacura  3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes Vitality have been a pleasure to use on those days when I haven't worn makeup and just needed a fretting up throughout the day. They haven't irritated my skin as they felt soft & quite moisturising on the skin. Again for 89p you can't go wrong here if facial wipes are your thing especially since they also come in a Normal & Sensitive range.

I never have hair spray in the house as I rarely use it but there are those random times when I just think ah if only I had a bit of hair spray so this huge can of Carino Hairspray will definitely come in handy. I love the non sticky formula and the fact that it does actually keep hair in place without looking like you have hairspray hair. For 79p I can see this lasting me a long while and I don't think I've personally seen hairspray at such an affordable price before especially for the 400ml size.

Lastly I've got the Lacura Q10 Daily Face Cream which I was a bit apprehensive to try as I just didn't think it could possible be any good considering the £1.49 price tag. I will admit that I was wrong and I guess it's true what they say about not judging  a product by the price because it's actually a really good moisturiser. It's obviously not the best out there and I wouldn't go as far as comparing it to high end brands but it's very similar to another Q10 range from the drugstore (hint Nivea). The cream is moisturising and feels super light-weight, as well as having an SPF of 15 so I'm one happy lady.

Have you tried ALDI health & Beauty range before? Can you recommend me any other products from them?

PR samples sent for review

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