Quench Your Skin with Glamglow Thirstymud

Glamglow Thirstymud

I've expressed my love for the Glamglow Supermud before, but now it is time I introduce you to its best friend and partner in crime Glamglow Thirstymud. I'm sure your all aware that Glamglow products are pricey, I just wanted to mention that first anyway before I told you all how amazing it is. You can find it on some sort of special offer though if you shop around online and I managed to grab mine for a pretty good bargain on allbeauty.com so all is not lost and at the end of the day I think your skin is worth a nice treat once in a while. As the name suggests this mask is all about bringing back moisture to the skin and giving you much needed boost of hydration. 

The mask is described as an "extreme hydration treatment to rescue thirsty skin" and I completely agree with that, since it has helped my dehydrated skin amazingly well over the past couple of weeks. The mask contains some amazing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Leaf, Coconut Oil & Orange Blossom Honey to name a few. These ingredients aim to not only hydrate but also to illuminate the skin, nourish dull complexions and provide an energised radiance. As you can imagine the scent of this  mask is just gorgeous and it's a real pleasure applying it to your skin.

Glamglow Thirstymud

I only use this once a week in combination with the Supermud as I find that there's no better time to hydrate my skin once it has been thoroughly cleaned and exfoliated. For the best results I prefer it to leave it on overnight, even if it means going to bed with a shiny face. Trust me once morning comes around it's all worth it as you wake up with silky soft skin. If you're not a fan of overnight masks it's also perfectly fine to use it by applying it to dry skin & allowing the product to absorb for about 10-20 minutes, for a boost of hydration.

I've no faults with this mask as I just love everything about it and the results on skin from using it on a regular basis. I can also see this mask lasting me another good while because the formula is rich and spreads amazingly well on the skin, so I don't need to use a whole lot. Have you tired this mask yet? What are your thoughts on it? 

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