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I've finally ventured into the world of MaxFactor makeup, dunno if that makes me a bad blogger for overlooking their makeup counter until now but it's just one of the drugstore brands that I am least interested or attracted to. However with the release of their new Creme Puff Blushes and a Boots 3 for 2 offer I finally managed to pick up a few of their makeup bits and I stuck to the ones I knew had amazing reviews from fellow bloggers.

First up is the Facefinity All Day Primer which is not a new release by any means but it is a product that has received amazing reviews. Having never come across a good primer before, one that would leave me & my skin super impressed, you could say I was eager to give this one a try. I love the packaging of this product, a pump is always a winner in my eyes and the fact that it has an SPF of 20 is another thumbs up. Now onto the actual product, does it work you ask…. I can happily report that yes it does and I have now changed my views on primers. I have gone from never using a primer simply because I just didn't see any difference to my skin or how my makeup lasted, to wanting to use it every time I apply makeup. One pump of this leaves my skin feeling smooth yet it doesn't have that silicone feeling that I hate. I genuinely have seen difference in how well my makeup has lasted especially in my t-zone when wearing this underneath foundation. Overall I am super happy I finally got my hands on this and it's made me want to try more primers from now, as I know that if they are worth it they will make a difference to your skin & makeup. 

Next up is the new hype around town, of course I am talking about the new Creme Puff Blushes which have been compared to the likes of Hourglass and Milani blushes. Having never tried either of those versions I can't compare them for you or tell you wether they are dupes. Instead I can tell you how amazing these little pot of blushes are. Firstly I picked up Gorgeous Berries as I wanted to pick up a shade I didn't already have in my collection. So yes the shade is quite dark which might not be to everyone's cup of tea but there's six shades in total to choose from if this is not for you. This shade is super pigmented, so much so that I have to be so careful when applying it to make sure I don't leave the house looking like a clown. So a light hand and a good tapping of the brush before applying this your cheeks is essential. Not only is the colour beautiful but it also adds a nice healthy glow to the skin, not the kind of in your face shimmery glow by the way. I love this blush and look forward to picking up a few more shades in the near future.

I recently realised that my makeup stash was lacking in lip glosses immensely, as in I only had one single lip gloss with a hint of pink through it. So of course the situation had to change immediately and as my last MaxFactor product I picked up one of the new Caroline Barnes Colour Elixir Glosses from the 'Nude Pomade' Collection in Radiant Rose. The shade is the lightest out of the four options, as it's all about a nude gloss with a metallic finish. On it own it adds a 3D effect to the lips making them look a little bit fuller. Applied over lipliner or lipstick it just gives a lovely glossy finish without looking or feeling sticky. I am so impressed with this gloss, which is not a product that has impressed me in the past, I mean it's a lipgloss after all not much to be impressed with right. Try these and you will be converted like I have. I also love the luxe packaging making it feel way more pricey than it actually is. I will be definitely picking up a few more shades from the range as I am in love.

So MaxFactor have had a home run with these products and I will definitely not overlook their counter in the future, as I am already planning my next few purchases. Have you tried any of these products? Or do you have any other MaxFactor recommendations for me?

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