YOSO Eyelash Curler from the Beauty Crowd

You might know by now that I am an avid use of an eyelash curler, not matter how much I am rushing throughout my makeup routine I will still take the time to use my beloved Shu Uemura curlers to give my lashes a lasting curl & lift. When Beauty Crowd contacted me about trying out the YOSO Heated Eyelash Curler* I was more then intrigued and couldn't wait to try something different. This was the first time I have been introduced to Beauty Crowd and it is fair to say I was super impressed with the delivery and the website itself, which has some great brands to choose from. now onto the actual product…

The YOSO Heated Eyelash Curler is reasonably priced at £15.99 and I personally think it's worth every penny. Beauty Crowd were also kind enough to send me a set of batteries suited for the curler so I had everything I needed to get started. As you can see it's beautifully made within a gold wand, that is slim and lightweight, most importantly it is super easy and simple to use. If you need help there's an extensive instruction manual showing you exactly what you need to do to achieve gorgeous lashes. 

The actual wand takes about a minute to heat up and you are supposed to notice a colour change in the purple spot at the top of the wand but to be completely honest I didn't really notice much of a change so I didn't rely on that to tell me when the wand was ready to be used. After about a minute or two max you can feel the heat by gently using your finger to touch the wand, don't worry it won't burn you in anyway as it only heats up the right amount.
Now onto curling the lashes… my personal favourite way to do this was by firstly using the comb side to brush through my lashes and then gently pressing the heated part close to the root of my lashes, as I held it there for about 5 seconds at a time. Within minutes my lashes looked voluminous and held a great curl. My only problem with this heated curler is that it's a little bit more time consuming compared to my regular pair and as a busy mommy I know that I won't always have the time to put in the effort to use this kind of method. Other than that I have no complaints at all and think it's a fantastic product. The result is also a more natural one, as you don't get that typical harsh angle from a regular eyelash curler, so I am aware it might not be for everyone but I personally love achieve this natural effect where my lashes look fuller.

So tell me do you curl your lashes everyday and if you do have you ever used a heated curler? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this…

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