Viktor & Rolf BonBon

One of the products listed in my huge, over the top Christmas wish list was this stunning perfume set from Viktor & Rolf. Lucky me because David's parents got this for me as one of my presents and I couldn't appreciate it enough that they actually checked out my blog to see what they could buy me for Christmas, so sweet. 

Straight away from the name BonBon you can probably guess that this is a sweet scented perfume, which is right up my street. I am an utter kid at heart because nothing pleases me more then sweet scents like these to remind me of all my favourite sweet treats. This is the most recent offering from the brand and its main key note is caramel, followed by sweet citrus along with a hint of nectarine and jasmine (I did have to look these up before agreeing with the scent as I sniffed it once again in case you were wondering).

I just love the bottle of this perfume, it is so pretty and girly, it would look stunning on any dressing table if you ask me. This particular set was exclusive to Debenhams, as it includes a decent sized perfume of 50ml along with a travel size shower gel and body lotion. I kept the box it came in for  a long time before giving in to my tiny London apartment and throwing it away, as it was just so beautifully packaged but way too bulky to keep. 

I couldn't be happier with this set overall as I look forward to using the scent throughout spring and summer. I imagine the sweetness of this will be a pure delight in the warmer months, for me personally anyway. Are you a fan of BonBon? Or have you tried any other perfumes from Viktor & Rolf?

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