New Year, Better Me, More Blogging Goals

I know with a new year we all automatically make drastic new year resolutions that we sometimes (most of the time) fail to keep for longer then a few weeks or a few months at the most. Which is why I decided that this year I will set myself small challenges throughout the year that will actually help me become a better person inside and out, as well as setting goals for my blog to help me improve constantly. 

So first off let's get the personal stuff out of the way shall we… 

Moving to London last summer has been very tough and something that I rarely share here on the blog as I do want it to be a positive space. But let's just say it's not all rainbows and butterflies, because at times I have really struggled to fit in here. However coming back from a holiday at home which was all about spending time with loved ones has recharged my batteries I guess you can say, so I now feel ready to really start settling into London life. A new year is the opportunity of a fresh start to make more of an effort everyday to get involved in activities that I know Ellie will love and I will benefit from. Second part to that is to get over my extreme shyness and start chatting to other mothers more often when I do go to play groups or children's events, because we all know there's nothing better than having friends to help you through any tough times (the same applies to any blogger events I might be lucky enough to attend this year).

This year I really need to get into a positive thinking mode and be happy for where I am, how far I have come in life and to be grateful for everyone/everything around me. That can be easier said then done at times and feeling down on myself whilst focusing on the bad rather then the good is a thing I have struggled with a lot in the past but I know I can't go on like this forever and change needs to happen. I am hoping to start a "happy jar" where I write one thing that I am grateful for, something that I appreciate in my life or I am happy with (it can literally be anything as long as it is positive), I will then stick all these notes in a jar, which I can then look through when I feel down to remind me of how lucky I am and to inject some positivity back into my daily life.

I would also like to say that this year I really need to step up my non existent exercise routine and healthy eating habits, but I am not going to try go overboard with it from the start, as I know in myself that it's not achievable, so why would I even want to set up myself for disaster. Instead I will start with baby steps and try to be more conscious of it in my everyday life, if it goes well (which I hope it will) I can keep setting myself higher and higher goals as time goes by.

Now onto the blogging front… 

I honestly think I wouldn't have been able to get past the first few months of living here had it not been for my blog and the wonderful people I met through this whole experience. Whenever I was feeling down or lonely I got stuck into blogging and gave it my all. It has really kept me sane through some of the toughest times. With six months of blogging under my belt now I have come to realise this is honestly such a great passion of mine and I enjoy every minute. Even with the struggles that might come along with it at times, I couldn't think of a better way to spend my evenings. This year I want to take it a step further and hope that blogging will help me realise for definite what it is I want to do with my life exactly, because yup I'm that woman who still hasn't got it all figured out. The points that I am most eager to improve on when it comes to blogging are: 
  • Improving my social media skills - basically making more of an effort and taking more time out of my daily life to get involved in twitter chats and general chit chat with fellow bloggers. This can be tough with a toddler but I really need to make the effort because I really would love to get to know some of you lovely bloggers out there a bit better.
  • Improving my photography skills - it's not that I am 100% unhappy with my photos at the moment but as they say there's always room for improvement! What I really need to get to grips with is working with my camera to its fullest potential and getting to grips with the background of my photos, as I feel like they are such an important part of a photograph. 
  • Growing and expanding my audience - I feel like that is naturally something every blogger out there wants cuz let's admit it there is nothing better than knowing someone out there actually reads your work. I know numbers aren't everything but I'm only human and everytime I get one new follower I can't help but plant a huge smile on my face. 
  • Improving my content & style of writing - again I am pretty happy with this most of the time but I do know that I tend to ramble on for too long sometime which I know I need to work on. 
  • Writing about things that I am 100% content with and only posting when I am proud of a post - in my learning process so far I have felt that in the past, I have rushed on writing my post or even wrote about something that I wasn't 100% confident with, so this year is all about avoiding that because I want to be able to look back & be proud of everything I have wrote so far. 
So these are my resolutions and goals for 2015 and I hope that I can try to work on each and every single one to the best of my ability. 

I would love to hear your suggestions on what kind of posts you would like to see on this blog more often and what you personally think I need to improve on. Your feedback means a lot to me and would love to take on board your opinions so please let me know in the comments below…

*** Image sources are not my own, I have taken them from Pinterest as inspiration (apart from the last one which I created myself using a quote I was inspired by).

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