All About Charlotte Tilbury: The Haul

Over the festive season I was lucky enough to finally get my hands on a few Charlotte Tilbury products and boy am I super excited to be back to London as I am now getting the chance to play with each and every single product. That's right I had these three gorgeous products for almost two weeks and didn't touch them, as I knew I had to photograph them first, now that is willpower if you ask me. Charlotte Tilbury took the beauty world by storm this year and it is pretty much all that everyone has talked about. Her beauty line is amazing, not to mention super easy for women to choose and use her products as she has created 10 iconic looks and even made videos to show you how each look can be achieved.

From the packaging straight away you can see how beautiful these products really are, it actually took me a few days to throw out the packaging as I just felt too bad chucking them in the bin. Now the actual products inside are even more stunning with rose gold throughout and the iconic star design from Charlotte Tilbury. Over the next few weeks I will also do individual posts on each of the products and show you what they look like on my actual face or even create a makeup look or two. So for now I though I would introduce you quickly to what exactly I got my hands on.

First up The Filmstar Glow & Bronze palette, which has got to be one of the most beautiful makeup products in my collection, seriously I am in love. The shades are perfect for me and I would imagine they would suit pretty much any skin tone. When using this my face looks flawless and super natural. I just love it so much.

The next product is the gorgeous The Dolce Vita Palette which was featured on my Christmas wish list and I am so happy to now have it ticked off. The shades in this palette are stunning and work beautifully together, that shimmery gold in particular is just wow. I also love how slim and lightweight the palette is, perfect to bring away and carry around with you if you wanted.

Last product is one of the lipsticks from the Matte Revolution range. I actually picked this out myself with a voucher and I have to say I found it tough to choose a shade that was right for me. I knew I wanted to go for a matte lipstick as I had only read amazing reviews but I wanted something suited for upcoming spring/summer, which was a bit difficult even with 10 shades on offer. Nevertheless I finally settled on Amazing Grace, which is a dusty rose toned shade and it's beautiful.

So that's my Charlotte Tilbury haul and regardless of the high price tag I am very happy indeed to have these beautiful products in my life. Have you go your hands on any of her products yet? I'd love to hear what your favourites from the range are…

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