Adding More La Roche Posay Products To The Routine

The last time I tried La Roche Posay I was pleasantly surprised with the results and since then Effaclar Duo+ has become a clear staple in my routine, so when browsing the aisles of Boots in search for a few new skincare bits I just knew I wanted to give this brand another go. This time around I tried to focus on products more suited towards dehydrated & sensitive skin, because it's been what I've been battling with for the past couple of months now. So without further rambling, here's what I picked up & what I've been using for the past few weeks....

First up is the La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel, which I originally wanted to use along with my Clarisonic.... But I didn't do my research right because this isn't a foaming cleanser at all so it just doesn't work well with the exfoliating brush. After some thought I decided to give the Clarisonic a break and continue to use this most mornings as a quick yet thorough cleanse. I love that it leaves my skin feeling super refreshed, but it can be a bit too harsh on the sensitive areas of my face at times, leaving me with a few red blotches which is why I don't use it everyday of the week. It has a lovely scent, which I really like considering how picky I am when it comes to scents. I will finish using this up at some point, because I hate wastage but it's definitely not a complete winner for my sensitive skin so unfortunately I will not be repurchasing.

The next purchase is the La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra, which is an intense soothing cream. Again I had originally planned on using this as my daytime moisturiser, because I figured it would feel light on the skin yet hydrating. There's no doubt about it being light & non greasy, but it's not moisturising enough for my dry skin so I tend to use double the amount that I would usually use (about 4 small pumps). Du to this I am getting through the 40ml tube a lot faster then I had originally expected. I do love that this cream is anti allergic which doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and that it's protected by an ultra-hermetic packaging to ensure it's as hygienic as possible. But saddle it just hasn't marked an impression on my skin or wowed me in any way, so again I will continue to use what I have left and then move on to something else.

It might seem like I have been disappointed by La Roche Posay in this post but the truth is every skin is different and in this case these products just didn't do my skin any wonders. However that doesn't mean it will be the exact same way for you, so I guess if you are interested in these products or any products for that matter, you just have to take a risk & try it out because with skincare that's the only way you will truly find out what works best for you. Have you tried any of the above products? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this French skincare brand…

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