Trying Out Sk:n Skincare

After my visit to Sk:n Clinic last month, which you can read all about here if you've missed the post, I was super excited to receive some of the skincare products from their own brand as they were specially selected for my skin type & my skin concerns. After a month of trailing the products I tell you about the benefits of long term use, but I can share with you how I have been getting on with the products so far and my thoughts on them. Just be aware that these products are for my normal to combination yet dehydrated skin, which could work completely different on your skin, so the best thing to do if you are thinking about purchasing new skincare products is to have a consultation with a clinic nearby and let them point you in the right direction. 

First up my absolute favourite product from the bunch, the Facial Exfoliating Cleanser for normal skinwhich is a completely new product for me to try out. I am definitely used to the grainy type of exfoliators which I thought were the only way to exfoliate properly and get rid of the dead skin cells, but boy have I been proved wrong. I just love how the glycol acid in this leaves my skin feeling super soft, brighter and much more refreshed. I have used this as an evening cleanser for a couple of days but I have to say I much prefer using it my own way as a mask, which I do by applying on dry skin and letting it do its work for 10-15minutes after which I massage with warm water and then rinse off. Be aware that the first few uses will give off a stinging effect (something which is specified on the box) but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle and now after using it regularly I have found that has pretty much stopped. The product has now become a staple in my routine as I use it twice a week and I have definitely been converted from my grainy exfoliating days.

Next up is the Vitamin Rich Cleanser for dry or sensitive skin*, which I have been using daily in the mornings as it removes any overnight build up from the skin and it leaves my face looking fresh. I love that it's designed for sensitive skin which I have found that I actually have in my consultation, meaning that it doesn't leave me with red blotches like most cleansers seem to do. I honestly thought having red blotches on my cheeks just meant that I was cleansing well and they would usually disappear after half an hour or so. This has once again proved me wrong as I am left with cleansed face minus the redness which I definitely have been enjoying. Once again I don't use this the way it is instructed by placing it on a cotton pad and rubbing it on the face as I just find it impractical. I much prefer to just use my fingers to massage it into the skin and then rinsing off with warm water.

Now onto the next two products which are from the Anti-Ageing range and they are the ones I am still not 100% sure about. Let me start off with the first one which is an Age-Delaying Cream for younger skin*, which is a great concept since ageing is something I have put in the back of my mind but if there is a way to prevent it from happening for as long as possible then I'm all in. I love the packaging of this and the lightweight formula, which is good for day time use as it doesn't leave me looking like a shiny disco ball. Now onto the bad part for me which is the scent, I just can't seem to get over this strong scent that I can't even put into words. Now this is obviously a personal preference since I am quite fussy with scents in general and it's the only thing that puts me off using it everyday. Other then that the formula is perfect and I have had no breakouts from using it or anything like that. I obviously can't comment on the anti-ageing properties since I haven't been using it long term and due to the scent I'm not sure if it is a product I can personally repurchase and use long term. 

The one product I struggled with the most out of the bunch is this Anti Ageing Cream with SPF30* which obviously has the same scent as the one above but it is also a cream that takes a while to sink in which I just don't have time for in the morning if I am rushing to put my makeup on straight after. I do love that is has such a high SPF content because during last summer I seriously neglected that factor and felt quite guilty about it. I also like that although it does take a good while to sink in, it somehow doesn't feel greasy at all. I will be saving this for the summer time when my skin needs the extra protection as I tend to go barefaced a lot of the time so I won't mind having to wait for the moisturiser to sink into the skin. But for this time of year I just haven't found a space for it in my routine. I will bring this back up in the summer when I will give it a good testing out and let you know how I get on.

So that's all from Sk:n skincare and I have to say that overall I am quite impressed with the brand because for the price these products are amazing quality. As you can see my favourites are definitely the cleansing products and ones that have become staples in my current routine. Have you tried any products from the brand yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts…

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