A Makeup Revolution Collective Haul

Well, well, well so it happened again; I made another sneaky Makeup Revolution order along with a few gifts received in the past couple of weeks, so I thought I would share with you all what's new in my stash. Considering my last order with the brand was a bit of a hit and miss, I honestly didn't think I would be putting an order through any time soon but I'm eating my words now because with all the new releases they have had I just could resist. This time I did my research on swatches to make sure I was completely satisfied with every product and out of the lot there is only one thing I am disappointed with and it was one I was gifted at #BloggersTeaParty.

So let's start off with the disappointing product which I got in my #BloggersTeaParty goodie bag, the Amazing Volume Mascara. Unfortunately this mascara is anything but volumising as the only thing it seems to do to my lashes is add a very light layer of mascara making them look very natural. So all is not lost as it's a good mascara to wear if you're going for a no makeup type of look. But since I go barefaced a lot of the time, when I wear makeup I like to make more of an effort and I like the mascara to give me long and voluminous lashes. This doesn't do that for me and it could also be due to the fact that in the last year I have gone off fibre brushes such as the one above as I much prefer plastic ones. For the price it's not a total waste of money but it's just not for me.

Next up the gorgeous One Blush Sticks which I received from a friend a while ago so that's why they are looking a bit grubby. I love these matte shades and found the Malibu shade in particular so useful for contouring right after foundation and before powdering. If I want to go for amazing definition I will even use a powder shade on top for added depth, but on its own it makes a great natural bronzer and it isn't orange or muddy looking. I have personally never tried the NARS versions of these but that's what they have been compared to so for £5 you really can't go wrong.

Now onto the purchases I recently made myself which I have used a couple of times already so I can give you some feedback. The first is the Iconic Dreams palette, which I purely ordered for green toned eyeshadows as they are shades I am yet to experiment with so I really wanted to give them a go soon. The lighter more olive toned shade is amazing and I love it so much but I'm not sure about the darker toned one right beside it yet, since it has a lot of fallout and takes while to built up. I will have to play around with the shades a bit more, but the rest of the palette is incredible and for the price it makes up for that one shade. I am also loving shade no. 2, 5, 10 and 11 in particular.

I've then got two new lip products surprise, surprise since I have quickly become a lipstick addict in the last while. These #LipHug Lipsticks are Makeup Revolution's newest offerings and they do not disappoint. I researched for a long time the shades through other blog reviews to make sure I was ordering ones that I would be happy with and I can say that yes I am 100% delighted with my two choices. I also want to note that the formula of these are quite sheer so for the swatches above I used a few layers to get the shades to really pop. First up is Still Missing My Baby, a dark red lipstick with a hint of brown through it and it is so gorgeous especially for this time of year. The second one Not Giving Up, is a light peachy shade which is the perfect nude when you want to wear a smokey dark eye and need the lips to be toned down or just for that everyday look. I love how moisturising these lipsticks are, meaning that yes they don't last for a very long time on the lips but since they have a sheer formula it's very easy to re-apply without worrying that you are getting lipstick all over the place. The packaging is sleek and looks way more expensive then the price you pay so I definitely recommend you pick up a shade or two.

Last product of the bunch is also my most loved and one that I had my eye on the very first second I stumbled upon the brands new releases, it's the Blush Palette in Golden Sugar. Just look at how beautiful this palette is, so many stunning shades and yes most of them are shimmery apart from one, which is actually great used as a bronzer lightly. So far I have been loving combining the last shade on the bottom row as a bronzer with the second shade from the bottom row also as a blush/highlighter. They look amazing together and I can't wait to experiment more with the rest of the shades. The only one I am a bit scared of using is the bright orange shade (the third on the bottom row) but it might work as an eyeshadow instead, I will let you know.

So that's it from me and my second Makeup Revolution order, which was a much better one compared to the first and a complete winner all around. Have you bought anything from this amazing budget brand lately? I would love to know if you have any suggestions for me because I am sure there will be more orders in the future…

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