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I was recently tagged by the lovely Brenda from Brenda BusyBee to complete this particular tag suited so well for this time of year and perfect to get anyone in the Christmas spirit (as if I needed any more). With 15 questions to go lets's get started…

Favourite festive foodCan I just say everything, I honestly love food too much but the whole roast dinner with plenty of potatoes and gravy is just amazing, not to mention all the chocolate. What I don't like though is minced pies and christmas pudding, not a fan!

Favourite reindeer… I'm just going to say Rudolph you know because he's got a song dedicated to him and all that.

Favourite day of ChristmasActual Christmas Day because that's what it's really all about and what the whole build up is aimed towards.

Favourite Christmas songI have too many to name but one that is an old favourite and just popped into my head is "Last Chrsitmas' by Wham (stuck in my head now).

Favourite presentThis is a bit of a weird one since and I honestly don't have an answer, I mostly love everything I receive and the older I've got I have realised that it really is the though that counts the most (even if I've always got a huge wish list).

Favourite festive filmI just can't pick only one, there's too many that I like! The ones that are coming to mind straight away: Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually, The Family Stone, Home Alone, Santa Clause… the list could go on and on.

Favourite cracker toyNone let's face it they are usually useless objects that get thrown in the bin by the next day.

Favourite cracker jokeNone again since I can't remember any, they are alway super cheesy and never stick in my head as a joke that I might repeat again.

Favourite Christmas decorationsHave to be baubles because they are so pretty and you can literally find them in any shape, size and colours these days. They really do make a christmas tree in my opinion.

Favourite Christmas candle scentAnything fruity and sweet such as Yankee Cranberry Ice or Sugared Apple.

Favourite Christmas advertI love them all but my favourite ha shot to be the Coca Cola Holidays Are Coming one because I've loved it since I was a child. 

Favourite festive traditionI don't really know, I guess having family dinner together.

Favourite place to spend ChristmasAs cheesy as it sounds but wherever my family is that's where I want to be, because that's what Christmas is all about, so at the moment that's in Dublin.

Favourite Christmas factI'm not sure if it's a fact as such but I love celebrating St. Nicholas on the 6th of December throughout my childhood. It was all about cleaning your boots and leaving them outside your bedroom door, which would then be filled with treats come morning.

Favourite Snowman Accessory… I'm not sure what this means exactly but I guess I like the carrot as a nose.
I now tag the following lovely ladies to do this festive tag with me if they haven't already done so. Hope you enjoy it! If anyone else would like to do the tag I would love to read your answers so please let me know…

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