Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR: A Matte Version

I have raved about the Maybelline Colour Tattoos before on this blog and to be honest I haven't come across a bad review on them. They are pretty amazing in my opinion and for the affordable price you really can't beat them. Up until now I had previously only owned two shimmery shades but knew I wanted to get my hands on some of the matte versions so I will start off with this one which is called Vintage Plum and it is absolutely stunning. 

As with all Colour Tattoos it applies so well and even though you need to work with it a little bit more then usual to blend it out well on the eyelid, I think it's worth it as the colour payoff is stunning. You can wear this on it's own build up more than I have in the photo below for a great basic eye look or you can use it as a base to intensify your eyeshadows like I did in yesterday's post here. I mostly use these as bases for my smokey eye looks, it's just the way I prefer to use them, but I have previously worn them on their own and they still last really well. You don't even need to use a brush, I use my index finger to blend it out and it works great this way. I honestly have no complains here.

Next on my list is Permanent Taupe which is a matte nude grey shade and it looks amazing. Do you own any of the Colour Tattoos? If so what are your favourites? Would love to hear some suggestions from you all…

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