First #BloggersLoveHub Monday 3rd of November

Mahiki decor & yummy treats

The much anticipated #BloggersLoveHub for the month of November has started and I can tell you that the first night was definitely a success! Knowing how daunting a big event like this can be from my experience at Bloggers Love fashion week I decided to organise to go with the lovely Renata from Speaking Beauty UK (check out her blog if you aren't already, it's amazing and she is currently hosting a fab giveaway so don't forget to enter while you're there). We met early at the Boots store beside Green Park station, where else out of all places and headed in early for the event, which took place in Mahiki. It was great being there early and getting to have a proper chat with all the brands attending as we tried our best to take photographs of everything, even though the lighting was awful #bloggersproblems. I think I managed to get enough photos to show you guys what exactly you can expect at an event such as this anyway.

Goodie bag including gifts received from certain brands

I was also a VIB for Bloggers Love meaning that I was able to snatch a few goodies from each table as well as the goodie bag upon arrival. I have heard that some people missed out on that when arriving late which is a bummer but hopefully they can grab one at the next event. That's right there's 3 more events this month, happening on a Monday each week so suss it out through Bloggers Love to see if you can register for at least one of the events. 

After snapping away some photos of the fun decor and yummy snacks which really hit that sweet tooth for me, we decided to gradually get through the brands and have a chat with each and every one. To keep this post as short and sweet as possible I will just tell you about my top favourites brands at the event and give the others a quick mention.

SteamChains jewellery stand

I'll start off with SteamChains where the lovely lady behind it all, went through some of her gorgeous jewellery explaining how they were made from recycled bits and pieces. Some of her dainty bracelets were my absolute favourite out of them all. She also made bespoke pieces for some of her clients and added some really personal touches to her pieces, which is so nice and personal.

Ndulge skincare brand

Then we have Ndulge, which is a handmade, natural, organic skincare and bath care brand with so many amazing products to sniff and marvel at. Again the lovely lady behind it all went through each product and talked to us a little bit about her business. My favourites here have to be the bath soaks, especially the one with rose petals as it had such a gorgeous scent to it.
Glowbeads jewellery stand

Glowbeads are up next and these are just the prettiest bracelets ever which are totally unique. These bracelets can be bought in a variety of vibrant shades as they give the illusion of glowing when the light hits them. It is truly stunning to look at and seeing the light almost reflected back at you, but I'm afraid I didn't quite capture that in the photos here. We were told we could choose a bracelet to take home, which was so nice and I picked the more nude shade with a hint of pink as you can see in the goody bag photo at the beginning of the post.

Charcoal Spa beauty stand

Charcoal Spa were probably one of my favourites as I love clay mask and pamper treatments. This was their launch on these brand new products and so far I haven't even found them online yet. The products smell amazing and so fresh, especially the huge candle in the photo (top left hand corner) which had a sweet yet zesty scent and a wooden stick for a wick. Will definitely love to get my hands on these in the future but for now I will enjoy this gorgeous mask that I was gifted by the lady behind it all and report back on it once I get a good feel of it.

Cheeky Poppings shoe clips brand

Last but not least we have the Cheeky Poppings shoe clips which is such a cool and unique idea to me. The brand had a whole leaflet with designs to choose from and we could actually chose one to take home with us which I though was so nice. I went for this edgy type of clips which you can see in the photo above attached to one of my plainest pairs of black shoes. I love how it just turns any old plain shoes into something fun and totally unique. We were also told these clips can be attached to hair ties for something a little bit different, so I just love the variety of uses for these.

There were a few more brands on the night but these were my top favourites for sure. We were also treated to a fashion show once again, but with the low lighting and my poor camera skills I just couldn't manage to capture any good photos of it, instead I decided to just relax and enjoy the show. Overall I had a great time and really enjoyed seeing familiar faces from #BloggersTeaParty as well as meeting some new lovely blogging gals. I hope I will be able to attend week 3 or 4, once I can organise babysitting for Ellie. Until then I will enjoy using all the new goodies. Have you attended any blogger events lately or are you going to attend one any time soon? Maybe the #BloggersLoveHub? I'd love to know…

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