Trying out GlamGlow Mud Masks

I have been wanting to try GLAMGLOW for the longest time ever. These little pots of mud have always intrigued me but the price put me off, as I just couldn't get myself to fork out that much on a skincare product which in general tends to be a gamble depending on how your skin reacts to it. Until recently that is, when I decided that enough was enough. As I browsed through their official website I came across this Try It Before You Buy It Kit for £17 which sounded amazing as I could actually test out all of their products to see how they would work for my skin before buying the real deal. 

I can now say I have tested everything out and it's not good news… for my bank account that is, because I love these mud masks. I secretly wished I wouldn't since I would be saving myself a fortune but having two of these products in particular, work complete wonders for my skin can only mean one thing. Yup a full product purchase will be on the cards once I finish the samples I have left.

My favourite out of the bunch has to be the SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT which was a miracle when my skin decided to have a temperamental breakdown. This cleared up the blemishes overnight, I kid you not, whilst bringing some balance to this confused skin of mine. It also helped unblock my pores and got rid of some pesky blackheads. I have finished both samples so at the moment I am really looking forward to purchasing the full size product.

My other favourite is the THIRSTY MUD HYDRATING TREATMENT. As I have mentioned before my skin also suffers from quite a lot of dehydration and boy did this mask help with that problem. Not only does this smell amazing but leaving it on overnight, had me waking up to soft, supple and moisturised skin. I used this right after the Supermud Clearing Treatment as I felt like once the bad stuff was taken away from my skin, the hydration needed to go back in. I can see this becoming a staple in my routine for the dry cold winter months (once I buy the full sized version that is).

Next up is the original mud mask that everyone raves about time and time again, the YOUTHMUD TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT. This particular mask is pretty popular and it has won many beauty awards since first being released. Although it's a great mask and I was pretty impressed with the end result, it just didn't quite compare to the Supermud Clearing Treatment for me. Maybe it was the fact that the actual formula of this was thicker making it tougher to spread evenly over the skin. Or maybe it was the actual tingling sensation that did last for quite a bit whilst on the skin. Its' still an amazing mask though and I guess it all depends on personal preference.

Last up I have the BRIGHTMUD EYE TREATMENT which was the only one that I was quite disappointed about. Like most of the Glamglow masks this also feels tingly when you first apply it, which I found quite strange considering the eye area is so delicate. The end results also let me down somewhat, as my dark circles didn't improve at all, but maybe that's just because I do have quite the dark circles and it had a lot to compete with. What I did like about it was that it did hydrate and plump up the area which was definitely nice to see. However for the price this eye treatment didn't wow me so it won't be a repurchase from me.

I look forward to getting the full sized versions of my favourite two out of the bunch and having a pamper face mask night once a week! Have any of you tried Glamglow before? If you have which one is your favourite? I'd love to know your thoughts about this brand so do tell me in the comments below…

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