Say… What Spending Ban?

So apparently I was supposed to be on a spending ban but somehow that happened. Yup a trip to Superdrug for essentials turned into buying some well deserved autumn lippy shades, a new powder, a gorgeous nail polish shade and two much loved lip balms. You know what I don't regret a thing because let's face it they are all going to be well used over the next couple of months.
First up lets talk about the dark berry lip shades, two of them I had been eyeing up for a while and seeing them pop up in blog posts everyday just made me want them more & more as time went by. The other shade was a spur of the moment 'oh look gorgeous berry shade, which I've never tried from this brand before' type of purchase. So let me tell you a little bit more and show each shade on my lips:

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in Wine 107 

The very popular shade that has been around for a good while now, but I somehow only came across this little gem in the past couple of weeks. This has been compared to MAC Rebel and although I see the resemblance, I think this is more on the burgundy shade rather then deep plum. I do love the tone to this shade and I find it quite easy to wear, as it doesn't dry out the lips even though it's a matte formula. However the wear time of this is very minimal, probably about 2/3 hours at most, which can be annoying with such a dark shade, but for the price you can't really complain.

Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick in Berry Much

I have had my eye on this lip product since their release not too long ago, as it seemed like the perfect dupe for the NARS lip pencils and I thought it was the best way to get a taste before splashing out on the real deal. I love the practicality of these lip crayons since there is no need to use a lip brush or a lip liner, just make sure it is well sharpened and you're good to go. Even though these are matte and have amazing longevity, they are still creamy in texture and don't dry out my lips. Big thumbs up from me and I will be looking into more shades in the future.

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Smoother

The new discovery of the day was this little compact and totally travel friendly lipstick from Sleek, a brand I always overlooked when it came to lip products. Just look at that dark berry shade, very bold indeed with a glossy finish and a creamy texture. I love the pigment this lipstick offers and will definitely invest in more shades in the future since they are very affordable. My only problem with this lipstick is that the wear time is less than 2 hours, meaning re-applying throughout the day is a must (something that I am not a fan of). Next time I will be applying a lip liner underneath just to give it more longevity.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Almond

I have been seeing this gorgeous shade everywhere lately and when I spotted it, I knew I had to pick it up. It's a grey shade with tones of purple to it and it looks beautiful when it's applied, only requiring two coats. My only problem with Barry M nail polishes in general is the brush wand which has got to be one of the thinnest ever. Because of this if takes that little bit longer to cover the entire nail and it also means you need to be quick or you could end up with a messy, uneven finish. Regardless I put up with it because the shade and the shine of this nail polish is incredible.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder in 53 Light Beige

I have seen though powder around for a long time and I honestly don't know why it took me so long to pick it up. This stuff is amazing quality, probably on par with higher end powders that I have previously tried. It's very finely milled and feels almost buttery, which is great as it doesn't look chalky on the skin. It keeps shine at bay food a good 6 hours before my nose starts to look oily, but honestly that is the case with all the powders I own so I am used to that. For the affordable price I a delighted to have finally bought this into my life.

So can you tell I have an obsession with cherry things, especially when it comes to lip balms, dunno what it is but I just love the scent. Carmex is one of my all time favourites lip balms and I used to have one of these tubs practically living in my pencil case all throughout my school days, so I thought I would bring some nostalgia back. It's not the most hygienic, but they do have squeezy tubes as an option also, I just wanted to pick up the original tub since I haven't had it in years. The Nivea one is definitely a new addition as I've never tried this version before, but have loved pretty much all the other versions I have had in the past. This ones leaves lips really glossy with the slightest hint of colour so it's a nice addition for those days when I am wearing makeup but need to keeps my days well hydrated.

So that is my little haul and I love everything I picked up, I just hope I'm confident enough to actually wear those berry shades that I love so much out of the house. Let's hope I'm good for the rest of the month and leave all my shopping until November.

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