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The title really says it all, after numerous days of seeing all the new Lush releases for Christmas and creating a wish list in my head, I finally decided to pop in for a sneak peak and a sniff around. Let's face it though I clearly knew I wasn't going to leave the place empty handed. I mean who can resist going there and not picking up at least one thing, not me anyway. I left the shop with four different bath products all Christmas editions so it's fair to say I have definitely got into the Christmas spirit already (I know crazy). From now on you will definitely spot the Christmas related posts flowing in but for now I will try wait until Halloween is over I promise.

Let's get to the good part, what I actually bought.

Lush Butterbear

First off I just had to pick up the Butterbear, I mean look how cute and only £1.95 so I couldn't resist. This is probably one of the plainest bath bombs out there and the only one I've used up so far. It doesn't do anything spectacular in the bath but it does give off a nice relaxing scent with a sweet vanilla fragrance and the cocoa butter as the main ingredient leaves your skin super soft. I'm not too sure if I will purchase this again as I do enjoy the more colourful bath bombs but it was nice trying it out anyway.

Lush Snow Angel

I then have this gorgeous Snow Angel bath melt, just look at how much effort went into creating this, it really is beautiful. Again it is sweet scented with a light floral twist to it as it contains a blend of rose. Bath melts are quickly becoming a favourite of mine as they are so moisturising and this one is no exemption from the richness of cocoa butter. The best part is that it's supposed to dissolve in a blanket of foam resembling snow and then the shimmery golden glow is revealed. I'm really excited to use this, I just hope it doesn't leave me looking like a glittery ball.

Lush Golden Wonder

Back to the bath bombs with my next purchase, the Golden Wonder. This might not look too exciting from the outside but I have seen what this bad boy can do once it's popped in the bath and it is pretty spectacular. This has a sweet citrusy scent and once it is dissolved it should turn your bath all kinds of blue as it reveals the glittery contents inside. I am looking forward to seeing this in action but again I hope the glitter particles aren't overpowering. This is also the biggest bath bomb I have purchased seriously it's massive so the £3.75 price tag isn't too bad.

Lush Candy Mountain

Last product is a bubble bar and of course it's the sugary treat that is Candy Mountain. By now you will know I have a massive sweet tooth so I had to include this in my purchase. This is the girliest of the bunch with its pink colour throughout and the shimmery particles covering it. It is vanilla scented and it's supposed to leave a pink mist once dissolved. I usually manage to get a few uses out of bubble bars, but this is weirdly shaped so we will see how well I mange to crumble it up. It was only £2.75 at the end of the day so maybe I will just use it all up in one go.


So that's all my purchase for this time around, next time (oh yes there will be a next time, there always is) I am looking to buy the Northern Lights and the Shoot for the Stars bath bombs, amongst others. Have you tried any of the Christmas range so far or are you hoping to try any soon? Let me know in the comments below as I always love hearing what Lush products people are loving…


Before I finish up the post I thought I would give you a quick recap of how I got on with my last Lush bath products featured in a post here. Here's a quick review of all three:
  • The Brightside bubble bar was citrusy and very energising but I will definitely be sticking to the Comforter in the future because for an evening bath I much prefer something relaxing. On top of that citrusy scents are not exactly my favourite. 
  • Think Pink was pretty amazing, as it did keep its promise by revealing rice paper confetti once dissolved. The scent of it was gorgeous and right up my street, I will definitely repurchase in the future (once I get through all the Christmas stuff that is).
  • Last one and my absolute favourite of the bunch, the Creamy Candy bath melt. This was perfectly sweet scented just the way I like it and it definitely left me feeling moisturised and relaxed. I didn't need to use body lotion after it so a big thumbs up from me.

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