Guys at the weekend my blog reached over 10,000 views and I'm also close to 300 followers on Bloglovin. To me that is just crazy and I'm actually gobsmacked that all of you out there have actually taken the time to visit this little space of mine on the internet and even followed. It might not be a huge milestone to some but for me it is definitely a big deal and I am so appreciative to all you fellow bloggers, who never fail to support my blog and leave amazing comments daily. For this reason I though it was about time for a little treat, not only to myself but also to you lovely readers of course, hence the giveaway.
I knew I wanted to host a giveaway at some stage but I really didn't know what I should give as my prize, until finally settling for a TOO FACED Eyes Palette. I wanted to let you all choose the exact palette as I personally think it's a nice touch to have to a giveaway. 
So basically you have the choice to choose one palette out of these gorgeous four:
  • Natural Eyes Neutral Eyeshadow Collection
  • A La Mode Eyes Sexy St Tropez Eyeshadow Collection
  • Cat Eyes Ferociously Feminine Eye Shadow Liner Collection
  • Boudoir Eyes Eyeshadow Collection

One of these featured in my Sephora Wishlist and I was certain that's what I wanted, but after looking at them all closely I'm not even sure which one I will pick out for myself, choices choices. This is a brand I've never tried before but have read and hear so many raving reviews, so I thought what better way to test out the brand then with one of their ever so popular eyeshadow palette.
I will be using Rafflecopter to host this giveaway as it seems like the way to go from all the other giveaways I've seen around and it's also the fairest way for everyone. This giveaway is open worldwide, just please be aware that delivery time may take that little bit longer for you if you live overseas.
The rules are pretty simple. There's 3 main things that you have to follow if you want to be included in the giveaway; being Bloglovin, Twitter & Google Plus. Then once that is done you also have the option of entering with a few more entries, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Good luck to you all that enter this little giveaway of mine!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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