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Not too long ago I had a little post introducing the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade, the one brow product I was hoping would be the one for me. Well after playing around with it and getting to grips with the application process, I can finally admit to you all that yes this is my new found love, for my brows that is.

Let me start off by saying that my brows are wild, growing in all different direction with no control whatsoever at the speed of lighting…lucky me! The other bad part is that after years of over plucking like a stubborn teenager, let's just say certain areas in the brow have given up hope of growing again thus leaving me with more bald patches than I'd like to admit. This is not great when you have dark hair like mine as it all becomes quite noticeable, so filling them in somehow is a must when wearing a full face of makeup. I have tried powders, pencils and gels with no great effect, but just when I came close to giving up I stumbled upon the cult brow products from Anastasia Beverly Hills and decided that the DipBrow in Dark Brown would be the one for me.

Getting used to the texture and the formula of this bad boy might take a few tries but once that's done you will be glad to have the product in your life… I was anyway that's for sure. The formula is not like anything I've tried before as it has a texture which reminds me of a gel eyeliner (I actually think that you could even use this as eyeliner if you really wanted to). What I love most is that you can use this for a natural everyday brow look or you can go ahead with more product to achieve that really defined brow, the preference is up to you really. I personally prefer the more natural look as I think it suits me best; I like the brows filled in but just not as defined since I am always going for that everyday look in my makeup routine.

I start off by drawing a sharp line under the brow the whole way through because I personally think definition there is the key to a good brow. I have been using my new Zoeva 322 Brow Line brush for this and I have been loving the application process with it.

I then go ahead to fill in the rest of the brow, leaving the top of the brow at the very end, as I like that area to look more natural so I use the least amount of product there (basically what's left on the brow brush). Another thing to note with this product is that a little bit really does go a long way so you are best starting off with a tiny bit and building it up from there.

When that's done I use a brow brush of some sort to brush the product through and make sure my brows are in some sort of shape, because the next step I take will keep them in that shape for the day. I am talking about the Benefit Speed Brow of course which is pretty much a gel to keep your brows in place. Don't worry it doesn't feel like actual gel and it won't make your brow hairs crunchy by any means, but it will do the job at keeping those brow hairs from flying in all kind of crazy directions.

If I've got time, the last step in the routine is to add a subtle highlighter under the brow bone to make those filled in brows stand out. I like to use the shade Venus from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette (original one) as it's not too glittery but has just the right amount of shimmer and highlight to it.

And voila that's my brows done & dusted in my makeup routine. I am delighted to have finally stumbled upon this product and I love the effect I get from using this routine, so I will do my best to try keep it up even on those days when time isn't necessarily on my side.

What are your must have brow products? Are you a full on defined kind of eyebrow gal or do you go for the more natural look?

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