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Pistachio & Rose Water Cake (GF) absolutely delicious! Need to try re-create this at home

Sunday just gone the 12th of October, I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Nadja & Olivia to their first event, the Bloggers Tea Party, which took place in a really cute & quirky cafe Drink, Shop & Do. Too bad the cafe is quite a good bit away from where I live because I loved it and it would be lovely to make regular visits to it. 
A few shots of the cosy cafe & its decor

This was my second blogger event ever and I was already feeling much more confident about going due to the fact that it was a much smaller event than the last one I attended, consisting of around 30 people. It also helped that myself and the gorgeous Renata (from Speaking Beauty UK) decided to go to the event together, meaning I was less worried about being on my own. It was great to finally meet Renata & the two lovely girls organising the event, along with a few new bloggers that I hadn't come across before. The afternoon consisted of a lot of beauty & blogging chatting, stuffing our faces with some delicious cakes and marvelling at all the goodies the girls managed to organise for us all. 
Goodie bags packed to the brim with beauty bits

I have to congratulate the girls on doing such a great job organising this event! They were super welcoming & friendly from the start making sure we were all having a good time and they really spoiled us with the amount of beauty goods we all received.  If their first event was this amazing, I look forward to seeing what they have up their sleeve for a Christmas event. If you want to know more about these kind of events, follow the two girls (Nadja @TMSBeautiful & Olivia @FjordBeauty) on twitter as they will keep everyone posted through that. 
From left to right: Olivia, Nadja & myself

Apart from the goodie bags awaiting us, we also had the chance to bag ourselves a few more bits & pieces through some twitter competitions. As much as I loved the idea of trying out some of the gorgeous Seascape skincare goodies, I'm not going to lie I did have my eyes on the Jelly Belly sweets, which are actually one of my favourite treats. Fortunately I was spared the gain of a dress size though since I didn't win it, but I did manage to bag myself the Seascape Peppermint Lip Balm. I never win anything so I was super excited to be able to pick something out from that range and I look forward to using this over the next few months, as the cold weather hates my lips.

Competition time: Seascape, Collier Campbell & Jelly Belly

On top of all that, the girls organised a beauty bar, pick n' mix style for all of us to choose some more beauty goodies. The selection was incredible as we had different options to choose from varying in scents or shades. When I spotted Ciate & Dr. Bronner Magic Soap, I was literally like a kid in a candy shop, because these are products that I have been wanting to try for a while. 

I noticed that all of our goodie bags differed slightly and I think that was such a nice touch, because it just feels that little bit more personalised. Before I scoffed down the Sponge Cake, I thought I would share with you what I personally picked out in the beauty bar and received in the goodie bag. Starting off with my prize as I mentioned above I chose the Seascape Peppermint Lip Balm and I have a feeling it will become a staple in my winter routine, whenever my chapped lips scream for help. 

Next up I have the beauty bar products that I personally chose: Dr. Brunner's Magic Soap in Hemp Rose which smells lovely and I am so excited to use for cleaning my brushes; Ciate nail polish in Dangerous Affair because who doesn't love a burgundy shade in the winter months; ForYour Signature Moisturiser sample in Combination Skin which I have never heard of before but hope it will be the perfect balancing moisturiser for this confused skin of mine; and a stuffed envelope full of JASON range samples, again a brand I have never come across before but am looking forward to testing out.

Next up the actual goodie bag itself which is full of products that I have never tried before and haven't even had the chance to test out, so I can't really express any opinions yet. I can say that I look forward to trying each and every product out and will gradually feature them on my blog over the next couple of weeks as I build up my thoughts on them. 

Here's a list of the products for the time being:
Sponge Cake (baby sponge) in Bakewell (this I ate and I can tell you it was yummy)

Last but not least in this post I thought I would show you real quick just how I did my makeup for the event. I decided to keep it quite nude and toned down, as it's just one of the looks I feel most comfortable with and let's face it when meeting new people you want to feel your best. I used shades from my new found love the Naked 3 palette on my eyelids and added a dark purple Bourjois eyeliner to give some definition to the eyes. I then kept everything else paired back when it came to foundation and lip products, as I bronzed up my skin slightly and kept my lips nude.

So that was the whole event and I have to say that I actually had such a good time meeting new bloggers as we chatted about everything & anything beauty/blogging related. I feel much more confident now about future events and look forward to trying out all the amazing new products. Thank you so much Nadja & Olivia for organising such a wonderful event! 

So tell me are you planning on going to any blogger events in the near future? I know I'm a nosy one but I love hearing what you are all up to…

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