Zoeva Brushes: First Impressions

I've wanted to get my hands on some Zoeva brushes for the longest time ever and I'm only getting around to it now, better late then never I guess! Before you say "but you're supposed to be on a spending ban" I'll just put it out there that my handsome boy decided to treat me to this cheeky little order so it doesn't count right… I always thought that my first Zoeva order would be the Rose Gold Brush Set but after seeing Lily's (lilypebbles) twitter warning on how her's have turned rusty with just a few months of washing them, I decided to stick to the original and here's what I bought!

Zoeva Brushes

First of all I'd like to mention just how amazing the delivery service was, arriving super fast and packed so well! Apart from the brushes Zoeva also throw in a satchel bag and have the individual brushes packed in really practical plastic pouches. And of course if you get a set like mine below, you get one of their gorgeous clutch type of bags. I decided not to go for  a full face brush set because I have so many already that I love and use all the time. Instead I noticed that my eye makeup brushes weren't as fully stocked, which made my decision a lot easier as I picked up the Classic Eye Brush Set. Even though I was happy enough with this little set in my basket it didn't stop me from further browsing through their individual brush offerings. I quickly set my eyes on this little contour brush, the 109 Face Paint and knew I had to have it.

In the eye brush set you get the: 227 Soft Liner, 231Petit Crease, 234 Smokey Shader, 317 Wing Liner, 322 Brow Line and 315 Fine Liner, which is definitely everything and more for your eye makeup needs.

Zoeva Brushes

As much as I love my MAC 217, the 227 Soft Liner brush comes quite close to it, as it's shaped the exact same way with the same softness and density. Definitely a must for some good eyeshadow blending to get that perfect smokey eye.

I don't own anything quite like the 231 Petit Crease but I know I will get a lot of use out of it, mostly to add precise colour to the crease and even for use on the lower lash line. Can't wait to use this beaut!

Once again I've got another dupe with the 234 Smoky Shader, as it's super similar to my MAC 239, which I use to pat down the colour on my eyelids. This is great if the eyeshadows are crumbly and have a lot of fall out, as it will minimise that problem.

The 317 Wing Liner looks great and although I have a few liner brushes, this one looks way better and I feel like I will be able to create a nice cat flick with this.

I am most excited about the 322 Brow Line since it's totally different from any brow brushes I already own and look forward to using it with another sneaky new purchase which I will tell you about later in the week.

Last but not least is the 315 Fine Liner brush, as you can see this is a bended brush for easy application. I did have a similar one from Benefit years ago (since then I've somehow managed to loose it) and I loved it, so I know I will get on well with this one also.

Zoeva Brushes

Last up is this beauty of a contour brush right here, which I absolutely loved the minute I saw it (true love eh). I immediately knew it would be an amazing brush for getting those Kim K. defined cheekbones that I am seriously craving. I've read a few raving reviews on it where it has been compared to the super expensive NARS ITA brush, so I am hoping it lives up to my expectations (which are quite high). The brush is not as densely packed as I thought it might be but it's really soft and fits really nicely under the cheekbone, so I am definitely excited to use it. 

Zoeva Brushes

I will report back to you all to let you know how I get on with these gorgeous brushes and maybe even use them in some tutorials/makeup looks that I hope to do in the future. Have any of you used Zoeva brushes before or are you planning on buying some any time soon? Let me know in the comments below because I have a feeling that more orders will be placed with this brand in the near future (my fingers are definitely itching for it).

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