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The tag posts keep on rolling and I am loving every single one. They are so much fun and there's nothing better than some good ol' beauty chatting, even if it is with myself (that sounds so much worse written down). Anyway ahem, I have been tagged by the gorgeous Shaan from My Curves and Lashes to do this lippy addict post and although I've always loved the idea of lip products I was never a big lover, but recently I've started to really get into it (I'm taking about lip products of course incase your mind was wandering elsewhere), so it will be nice to see just how addicted I am. Let's get this lippy party started shall we…

1. Favourite Balm or Treatment
I've got quite the dry lips, not only are they thin but they also get dry super easily, super fast. So I have a few firm favourites which I need to name as I use them all equally and it wouldn't be fair if I left one out. My first amazing lip balm is Carmex which I've been using since school and let's not get started on how long ago that was. Then Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream came in to my life and boy is that a good one for any dry skin you might have, not just lips. Latest discovery is The Body Shop Aloe Vera lip  treatment which I love to use during the night for those baby soft lips come morning time.

2. Best Eye-Catching Red
Ok I'm not a fan of red shades, there I said it, felt so good to get that off my chest. As much as I love seeing a red lip on anyone else, I just don't think they suit me at all and feel totally uncomfortable when trying to sport one. I do own the Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang, which was my attempt at getting into the red lip but it's barely been touched and it just sits there in a little corner totally unloved.

3. Best Luxury & Best Drugstore Lip Product
Well the only luxury lipstick that I own is the MAC Creme Cup which I love. It was my first (yup this is the shade that popped my MAC lipstick cherry) and still is my one & only, but I have got an addiction to these lipstick and have so many shades I want to add to my collection. Drugstore brand would have to be Rimmel and no I can't just choose one lipstick because they do so many and they really do it well for the budget price.

4. Best MAC Lipstick
As I mentioned above I only own one so it will have to be Creme Cup, but I am seriously lusting after Rebel right now so that could become my favourite autumn shade soon (just need to figure an excuse out of my current spending ban in order to buy it).

5. Most Disappointing Lip Product
I have been let down a lot by lip products in the past, sad but true. The one sitting in my collection right now that has disappointed me this summer is the Topshop Lip Cream in Sweetie. The formula, the way it applies and the finished look are all disappointing factors unfortunately. Not to mention it doesn't last on the lips at all, which is annoying for such a bright shade.

6. Lip Liner - Yes or No?
I don't wear lipliner as much as I should but the answer is yes all the way. When I do take that extra bit of time to apply liner my lipstick stays put much longer so it's definitely worth it if you've got the time for it.

7. Favourite Gloss
I don't have a whole lot of glosses as I usually tend to find them sticky and overly sweet scented. But I do have two which are the complete opposite, one is from Revlon and one from Maybelline. These are both comfortable to wear and they actually last on the lips a lot longer than I had expected them to.

I'd like to tag the following lovely bloggers to do this tag along with me:
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Hope you gals don't mind me tagging you and you enjoy writing this up! Anyone else that would like to do this is of course more than welcome to tag themselves! so tell me what is your all time favourite lip product?

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