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A few days ago I was tagged by one of my favourite bloggers Brenda from Brenda Busy Bee to get this fun post done and I was definitely up for the challenge so here it is. If you're not already following this lovely gal, do check out her blog you won't be disappointed and at the moment she's hosting a pretty amazing giveaway so what are you waiting for, click click on that link. 

Now onto the actual tag…

1. What is your favourite beauty product? 
This ones a toughie, choosing one single product out of everything I own isn't easy. I'll go with the MAC eyeshadow palette which I've raved about time and time again, simply because it's my most treasured makeup piece.

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I would love to travel to Bora Bora, as that place just looks heavenly. Who knows maybe for my honeymoon if I somehow win the lotto (that I don't even play ever lol). But yes I would love to go there for a week of pure relaxation and stay in one of those wooden houses above the water.

3. What is your all time favourite brand?
So difficult again to choose just one because I love different brands for different products. It's a close tie between MAC and Urban Decay because they both have amazing products with great pigment, even if they are pricey. 

4. Do you collect anything, if so what is it?
Eh can I say makeup and beauty products in general, I guess that's a collection right?!

5. Early bird or night owl?
Early bit of course, you can't be a night owl with a toddler I'm afraid. I am lucky that most days she sleeps till 7 or 8 am (at the latest). She does have some odd mornings where she will wake up at 6 am and that can be a little tough but I'm glad it doesn't happen too often. Even so I still stay awake until midnight reading blogs or working on my own. I guess I've gotten used to functioning on less sleep than the average person.

6. Tea or coffee?
Tea all the way. Nothing like a good cup of tea with a few naughty biscuits. Now that the weather has cooled down a bit I've definitely started drinking more tea.

7. What is your favourite TV show?
As I mentioned before I have been loving American Horror Story, but now that the season I've been watching is coming to an end, I am super happy to have The Mindy Project back with a new season. If you're not watching it get on to it, it's the funniest show ever!

8. If you could travel to any era what would it be?
I think I would pick 1950s because I love the fashion and style from that era. Not to mention that was Marilyn Manroe's time of fame and I just absolutely adore her.

I would like to tag the following lovely ladies to complete this tag if they wish of course:
and Laura from Laura Jane Style

Anyone else that would like to do this tag is more then welcome to go ahead and complete it by any means. I would love to read them all! 

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